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Courageious, high spirited
Mettlesome (adj)
To have weight or bearing on, to argue (against)
Militate (v)
To exploit, to squeeze every last ounce of
Milk (v)
Menacing, threatening
Minatory (adj)
Pronounce or speak affectedly or too carefully, euphemize, take tiney steps, tiptoe
Mince (v)
One who hates humankind
Misanthrope (n)
One who hates women
Misogynist (n)
To make or become less severe or intense, moderate
Mitigate (v)
To calm or soothe, reduce in emotional intensity
Mollify (v)
Sad, sullen, melancholy
Morose (adj)
Varied, motley, greatly diversified
Multifarious (adj)
Of the world, typical of or concerned with the ordinary
Mundane (adj)
absolute or unrelieved
courage, stamina