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What is the typical culprit of ischemia?
What is the typical culprit of hemorrhagic?
Hypertension and aneurysm
What are the two strategies for neurological protection?
1. Improve blood flow
2. Reduce brain energy demand
What is thrombolysis?
IV tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) to increase blood flow
What are three ways to restore blood flow?
1. Thrombolysis
2. MERCI retriever (embolectomy)
3. Maintenance of brain perfusion pressure
What are four strategies for decreasing energy demand in stroke patients?
1. Hypothermia (only for kids)
2. Sedation + Anxiolysis + Anticonvulsant
3. Reduce production of action potential (anticonvulsant)
4. Inhibit excitatory synaptic transmission
Membrane damage causes what three things?
1. Damage to mitocondria
2. Breakdown of plasma membrane
3. Lysosome lysis
What two things causes protein and DNA damage?
1. Increased Ca2+ levels
2. Reactive oxygen species
What are the three mechanisms of BBB breakdown?
1. Loss of glucose (primary)
2. Inflammatory response
3. Excitotoxicity