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What are the reactants of the first step?
Acetyl CoA and Oxaloacetate
What is the product of the first step?
What is the enzyme of the first step?
Citrate Synthase
What happens to Citrate synthase in the first step of the TCA?
Undergoes dramatic conformational change upon binding to oxaloacetate (induced fit).
What are the reactant and product of TCA step 2?
Citrate becomes Isocitrate
What intermediate is existent on step 2 of the TCA?
What is the enzyme required in Step 2 of the TCA?
What are the intermediate substeps of TCA step 2?
1.) Dehydration of C3 to double bond
2.) Rehydration of C2 and C3
What drives the forward reaction of Isocitrate production?
Utilization of isocitrate
Describe the aconitase reaction center.
It has iron-sulfur reaction center that will pick up water.
What are the reactants and products of TCA step 3?
Isocitrate converted to alpha-ketoglutarate and CO2
What is the enzyme for TCA step 3?
Isocitrate dehydrogenase
What does isocitrate dehydrogenase do and what is the resultant molecule not seen as the product?
Oxidizes isocitrate and results in NADH + H+
What type of reaction is step 4 of TCA?
Oxidation of alpha-ketoglutarate
What are the reactants and products of step 4?
Alpha-ketoglutarate converts to Succinyl-CoA and CO2
What is the enzyme for TCA step 4.
Alpha-ketogluterate dehydrogenase complex
What type of resulting molecules come out of step 4 in TCA that are not end products?
What are the reactants and products of step 5 in TCA?
Succinyl-CoA converts to Succinate
What are the 5 coenzymes needed for step 4 in TCA.
TPP, lipoic acid, NAD, FAD, and CoA
What is the enzyme seen in step 5 of TCA?
Succinyl-CoA synthetase
What are the resulting molecules seen in step 5 of TCA that are not products?
CoA and GTP