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The thoracic and the abdominal cavities are seperated by a sheet of muscle called?
Name two main Cavities?
Dorsal and Ventral Cavities.
dors/dorsal (p to back) cavity contains also what 2 other cavities?
Cranial & Spinal cavities.
Cran/Crani meaning skull & cranium (p to head) and the cranial cavity is located?
Space inside the cranium and the viscera includes the brain.
The abdominal cavity is located where/contain?
Space inside the belly/abdomen; viscera is the stomach, pancreas,spleen,liver and most of intestines.
The abdominopelvic cavity is where/contain?
The body area that are both the abdominal & pelvic cavities.
The spinal cavity is where/contain?
The space inside the spinal column/vertebral canal and the visceral is spinal cord.
The thoracic cavity is located where/contain?
The space inside the chest/thorax and viscera include the heart/aorta/lungs and esophagus.
This is the internal contents of body cavities like organs,fluid and connecting structures?
What does the Ventral cavity contain?
Thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities.
Name the four quadrants the abdomen is divided into?
Name the 9 body regions?
1.R hypochondriac region
2.L hypochondriac region
3.Epigastric region
4.Hypogastric region
5.R lumbar region
6.L lumbar region
7.R iliac region
8.L iliac region
9.Umbilical region
The body position that is used as a reference and is erect in a standing position w/arms on side, palms forward,legs together w/feet pointing forward?
Anatomical Position.
How does the Frontal/coronal plane divides the body?
Into anterior (front-ventral) and posterior (back-dorsal) portions.
How does the Sagittal plane divide the body?

How does a Midsagittal divide?
1.Into right & left portions.

2.Divides body equally (medial.)
How does the Transverse plane divide the body?
Divides the body horizontally into upper (superior) & lower (inferior) portions.