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Difference btw Precursor and Peripheral lymphomas?
precursor=immature; peripheral=mature
What are the prognostic factors in aggressive lymphomas?
APLES (age, performance, ldh, extranodal sites, stage)
Therapy for NHL?
high dose chemo and SCT
what are the stages of therapy for lymphoblastic leukemias?
induction, intensification, maintenance
CNS and testes are sanctuary sites for which disease?
Lymphoblastic Leukemias (ALL)
Lab findings in Tumor Lysis Syndrome?
Hyper (phosphatemia, uricemia, kalemia and LDH) Low (Calcemia, pH)
Propho/Tx for Tumor Lysis Syndrome?
hydration and allopurinol
Rai Stage 0
lymphocytes > 15 and >40%marrow
Rai Stage 1
enlarged lymph nodes
Rai Stage 2
elarged spleen and/or liver
Rai Stage 3
Rai Stage 4
Complications of Bcell chronic lymphocytic leukemia?
autoimmune hemolytic anemia, immune thrombocytopenia, infections, hypoIgG, transformation to large cell (richter)
Who gets B-cell CLL?
What is TRAP associated with?
Hairy Cell Lymphoma
What conditions is MALT type lymphoma (extranodal marginal zone) associated with?
autoimmune dz and H pylori
What is a t(14; 18) associated with?
Follicular Lymphoma
Which dz is BCL-2 positive?
Follicular Lymphoma
Marrow involvement is common in which lymphoid malignancy?
Follicular Lymphoma
How do you treat diffuse large B-cell lymphoma?
Rituximab (anti CD20), and CHOP
What is the most common aggressive lymphoma?
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
What age population does diffuse large b-cell lymphoma affect?
middle age
What expresses CD5?
T-cells, some b-cells (mantle cell lymphoma and b-CLL)
Mantle Cell Lymphoma?
worst of both worlds (presents sick but doesn't stay in remission); tumor lysis syndrome; like b-CLL
What is a t(11; 14) associated with?
Mantle cell lymphoma
What is the immunophenotype of Burkitt's?
SIgM, CD20, CD10
How does Sezary syndrome present?
pruritis and exfoliative erythroderma (chronic t cell lymphoma)
What are CD25 and CD30?
markers for activated T-cells
Which lymphoma is ass w/HTLV1?
Adult T-cell lymphoma
Confused constipated japanese man?
Adult T-cell lymphoma (sxs due to hypercalcemia)
What is the presentation of Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (t-type)
cutaneous (adults, may regress spontaneously) or systemic (all ages, aggressive) forms
Which hodgkins dz is non-classical and why?
nodular lymphocyte predominance (are CD15/30 negative and Reed Sternberg negative)
Ann Arbor Stage I?
single lymph node group
Ann Arbor Stage II?
>1 node group on same side of diaphragm
Ann Arbor Stage III?
node groups on both sides of diaphragm
Ann Arbor Stage IV?
Diffuse extralymphatic dz
Late complications of Hodgkins?
infxn, cardiac, pulm, infertility, second malignancies, thyroid dz