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Def: Lymphatic system
-System of thin tubes that runs throughout the body called "lymphatic vessels"
- it carries a colorless liquid called "lymph"
Def: Lymph
-Clear fluid that circulates around the body tissues.
where do we have lymph nodes?
- under the arms, armpits
- in each groin
- in your neck
Lymph nodes that we cannot feel
- in abdomen
- pelvis
- chest
Which body organs does the lymphatic system also include?
What is the spleen's function?
It works as a filter for the lymph fluid
What is the Thymus function?
It helps out to produce white blood cells.
Function of Tonsils and Adenoids?
They help to protect the entrance to the digestive system and the lungs from bacteria and viruses
What does the lymphatic system do?
- drains fluid back into the bloodstream from the tissues
- filters the lymph
- filters the blood
- fights infections