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What are the primary lymphatic organs?
red bone marrow and the thymus gland
In a child most bones have red bone marrow, but in an adult, what is it limited to?
pelvic girdle
upper ends of long bones in the arms and legs
In addition to RBC's, bone marrow produces the various types of white blood cells, what are they?
BEN basophils, eosinophils, neutrophils and lymphocytes
What type of lymphocytes are made in the bone marrow?
B cell lymphocytes (mature in bone marrow) and T cell lymphocytes (mature in the thymus)
What ensures that B cells do not harm the body?
Any B cell that reacts with cells of the body (self-reactive B cell) is removed in the bone marrow and does not enter the circulation.
Where are self-reactive T-cells destroyed?
What are the 2 functions of the thymus?
The thymus gland produces thymosin (thymic hormones), which is thought to aid in the maturation of T cell lymphocytes
What is thought to aid in the maturation of T cell lymphocytes?
Thymosin a thymic hormone and endocrine gland
What is the path an immature T cell lymphocyte would take to get into the thymus from the bone marrow, how many ever leave the thymus? Why is this critical?
through the blood stream, 5%, it tests to se if any are self-reactive, they die. If they have potential to attack a pathogen, they survive and leave the thymus
Why is the thymus critical?
W/o mature T cells, the body's response to certain pathogens is poor or absent