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What is the average of the total kinetic or thermal energy of all the molecules in an object?
What do thermometers rely on?
What do thermometers do when it gets hot?
What do thermometers do when it gets cold?
What substances do thermometers use?
mercury or alcohol
What do refrigerator thermometers use to determine temperatures?
bending metal
What are the 3 common ways to measure temperature?
Which type of measure for temperature does not use a degree symbol?
What is the fp and bp in Fahrenheit?
fp = 32

bp = 212
What is the fp and bp in Celsius?
fp= 0

bp = 100
What is the fp and bp in Kelvin?
fp = 273

bp = 373
Which scale is based on absolute zero?
Kelvin Scale
What is absolute zero in F (Fahrenheit?
460 F
What is absolute zero in C (Celsius)?
-273 C
What happens at absolute zero?
the temperature of an object cannot be any lower and all atoms stop moving.
What is absolute zero set at?
zero Kelvin
How does energy transfer?
As heat
What is the transfer of energy between particles of two temperatures called?
Hot objects transfer heat to what kind of objects?
What is caused by the rapid transfer of energy as heat?
Which are better conductors, metals or non-metals?
What slows the transfer of heat?
Which gases are good insulators?
Noble Gases
Why does metal feel cold?
It pulls heat away when touched
Which transfer of energy does not require physical contact between objects?
What does wood do to the transfer of heat?
slows down
Radiation transfers energy through what kind of waves?
electromagnetic waves
How are homes heated?
Through convection currents
What is the only way to transfer heat in outer space?
Which are better conductors, solids or gases?
What happens to air in a convection current?
warm airs rises carrying its energy with it
Conduction involves direct _________ with an object.
What is an example of energy transfer by Conduction?
-pan on a hot stove
-marshmallow on a stick over a fire
-hand on a piece of ice
What is an example of energy transfer by Radiation?
Getting a sunburn on a sunny day
What is an example of energy transfer by Convection?
A furnace heating a room
When does conduction take place?
When two objects in contact have different temperatures
Specific Heat is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 ___ of a substance by 1 K or 1 C
What units are used to measure heat?
joules or calories
What temperature do most humans feel most comfortable?
21-25 C or 70 to 77 F
What kind of system uses a device to raise the temperature of a substance?
What heating systems use warmed air or water?
What does a solar heating system use?
warmed air or water
What is the difference between active Solar heating and Passive Solar heating?
Active Solar heating uses a pump.
What does passive solar heating use?
What happens to usable energy during energy transfers?
Energy Decreases
How do hot water pipes lose energy through transfer?
Through radiation and conduction
What tries to minimize unwanted energy transfers?
How do we measure the effectiveness of insulation?
By its R Value
What do Cooling systems use to transfer energy away from the air?
evaporation and condensation
What transfers large amounts of energy as it changes state?
What is a common refrigerate which evaporates and takes heat away?
What is force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching?
What charge do alpha particles have?
positively charged
What do you need to determine speed?
time and distance
What is the SI unit of force which was named for the scientist who described the relationship between motion and force?
What are the units for energy and work?
What is a light wave bending through a lens?
What are the units for velocity?
What are the units for loudness or softness of sound?
What lens can focus light?
convex lens
What is a light wave bouncing off a mirror?
The body paragraph of all paragraphs in an essay begin with ___________
topic sentence
A writer must provide enough ___________ for his/her main ideas within the paragraph.
What is the first paragraph of any essay?
This tells the reader what the writer plans to prove in his/her writing.
thesis statement
What is always restated in the conclusion?
thesis statement
What part of the essay sums up the essay and leaves the reader with closing thoughts?
An essay has usually one or more of these. They help make a well developed paragraph
body paragraphs
These help the writer's sentences flow smoothly.