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What measures force over a distance?
What is the Equation for work?
W = fd
How is work measured?
In Joules
What measures the rate at which work is done?
What would a faster time mean?
more power
How can machines give a mechanical advantage?
Machines multiply and redirect forces.
What are 2 ways that machines can redirect forces?
1. change the direction of the force

2. increase the distance over which the force is applied.
Explain how you can exert a large force on an object without doing any work?
If the object does not move, then no work is done because work is equal to force times distance W=fd so if distance moved is 0 any number times 0 = 0
Is work being done in this situation?

lifting a spoonful of soup to your mouth?
Is work being done in this situation?

holding a stack of books motionless over your head?
Is work being done in this situation?

letting a pencil fall to the ground?
yes (by gravity)
How can a ramp can make lifting a box easier without changing the amount of work being done?
It can do this by allowing the use of a smaller input force exerted over a longer distance.
When lifting a box straight up onto the bed of a truck or using a ramp to push the same box up a ramp, is the work done the same?
Yes, different forces can do the same amount of work.
What is energy?
Energy is the ability to do work
What is the ability to do work?
What are the two kinds of Potential Energy?
gravitational potential energy and
elastic potential energy
What happens to potential and kinetic energy when you drop a pen?
As the pen falls potential energy decreases because height decreases. Kinetic energy increases because velocity increases.
What is a quantity that measures the rate at which work is done?
What is the formula for Kinetic Energy?
K.E. = 1/2mv
What is the formula for Potential Energy?
P.E. = mgh
What is the sum of Kinetic and Potential Energy?
Mechanical Energy
Mechanical energy is the energy of ?
What kind of energy is just potential energy waiting to be used?
A match is an example of what kind of energy?
This kind of energy is how the sun produces its energy?
The sun produces its energy through Nuclear ______________?
How does the Earth receive energy from the sun?
Through Light energy
This kind of energy is caused by the flow of electrons?
Electrical Energy
What causes electrical energy?
The flow of electrons
Does all of Potential Energy become Kinetic Energy?
Since not all potential energy becomes kinetic energy, what is some of the energy lost to?
friction and sound
What states that energy cannot be created or destroyed just converted to another form?
Law of Conservation of Energy
What kind of system allows energy to flow in and out?
Open System
What kind of system allows no energy to flow in and out?
Closed system
What is defined as force acting over a distance?
The quantity that measures how much a machine multiplies force is called what?
mechanical advantage
Scissors are an example of?
compound machine
The unit that measures 1 J of work done each second is the __________?
Joules can be used to measure _______?
The work done in lifting something
The potential energy of something being held in the air
the kinetic energy of something moving
Which of the following situations does not involve potential energy being changed?
a. an apple falling from a tree
b. shooting a dart from a spring-loaded gun.
c. pulling back on the string of a bow
d. a creek flowing downstream
pulling back on the string of a bow
_____________is determined by both mass and velocity.
Kinetic Energy
Energy that does not involve the large-scale motion or position of objects in a system is called___________?
nonmechanical energy
The law of conservation of energy states that_______________.
energy is neither lost nor created
K.E or P.E.?

a stone in a stretched slingshot
K.E or P.E.?

a speeding race car
K.E or P.E.?

Water above a hydroelectric dam
K.E or P.E.?

the water molecules in a pot of boiling water
A 2.0 kg rock sits on the edge of a cliff 12m above the beach

Calculate the Potential Energy.
P.E. = mgh
P.E. = ?
m= 2kg
g= 9,8
h = 12

A 2.0 kg rock sits on the edge of a cliff 12m above the beach.
The rock falls off the cliff. How much kinetic energy will it have before it jots the beach (ignore the resistance)
Kinetic energy at the end = potential energy in the beginning so it is 235J
A 2.0 kg rock sits on the edge of a cliff 12m above the beach.

Calculate the speed of the rock just before it hits the beach?
K.E. -= 1/2mv
235= 1/2(2)v
235 = 1v
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