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lungs at 15 week gestational age
lung is the pseudoglandular phase
lungs at 24 week gestational age
- lung is the Cannalicular phase
- Neither narrow diffusion you need nor sufficient surfactant
Type 1 alveolar cells
- less numerous but line 95% of the alveolar surface w/ their long cytoplasmic extensions
– few organelles, as their main function is a barrier
Type 2 alveolar cells
- have many organelles, b/c they produce surfactant
- surfactant is in housed in lamellar inclusions
– they have very short extensions and only cover 5%
dendritic cells
- located in airway epi and in the alveolar walls
– similar to macro’s & mono’s
– process and present Ag’s
– Langerhans cells are specific ones in the lungs, have abnormal, and do eosinophilic granuloma of the lung
alveolar macrophages
– large, mobile, descendents of mono’s
– lots of granules w/ digestive enzymes to kill foreign material and chemoattractant cytokines
IgA in the lung
- important in upper tract
IgG in the lung
- important in lower tract