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The threshold dose for adult radiation pneumonitis is ___Gy
___is the type of lung cancer commonly located in the periphery of teh lung and frequently mets to the other lung, liver, bone, kidney, and CNS
the tx of choice for localizes NSCLC stage I adn II is
each of teh following are correct statements regarding thymomas EXCEPT

a. 33-50% associated with myasthenia gravis
b. 70Gy are commonly prescribed doses
c. most common tumor in the anterior mediastinum
d. AP/PA and anterior wedge oblique fields are commonly utilized
the most common site of lymph node involvement from lesions located in the right upper lung, middle lobe an dlwer lobe lesions are ___nodes
the trachea enters the superior mediastinum and bifurcates at the leel of
____involves the hilus tends to grow into the bronchial luen an dproduces obstruction early, but carries highest survival
Squamous cell or epidermoid carcinoma
conventional tx fields are designed with___cm margin around gross tumor
each of the follwoing sites are common sites of mets from lung cancer EXCEPT

a. liver
b. nodes
c. brain
d. bone
except nodes
which is the most effective method to determine T and N staging in the thorax and M in the brain or Liver
___is the type of lung cancer where chemotherapy is the choice of tx, but often accompanied by RT

(small cell lung cancer)
the angle of Louis is located at
Acute sequelae associaed with lung irradiaton includes each of the following EXCEPT

a. pulmonary fibrosis
b. skin reaction
c. esophagitis
d. cough
Except A. Pulmonary fibrosis b/c thats a LATE effect
the azygos nodes are associated with teh ___nodes
lower paratracheal
___is located at T10
sterno-xphoid junction
which of the following is Correct regarding lung cancer

1. ranks 2nd in female incidence but first in death
2. associated with exposure to nickel and silver and tobacco
3. most frequently occur in patietns 30-50 years old
4. those living in urban areas
5. ranks first in male incidence and death rate
A. 1,2,and 4
patients txed through flds encompassing mediastinal, hilar, adjacent pulmonary parenchymal lesions, and supraclavicular node with initial doses of 4Gy for 2 or 3 days then 60-70Gy are dianosed with
Superior vena cava syndrome
the sternal notch is located at
mesothelioma is associed with ___exposure
when txing squamous cell lung cancer the GTV should include a ___mm margin while adenocarcinomas should include a ___mm margin
scalene nodes are associated with ___nodes
a tumor >3cm in greatest dimensions would be staged
The ___lobe has a tendency to cross over to the opposite side of the mediastinum
left lower lobe
the fields commonly used when txing NSCLC include each of the following except

a. AP/PA
b. obliques
c. laterals
d. compensators
except C laterals
each of teh following are correct when considering chemoirradiation Except

a. agents commonly include doxorubicin and mehotrexate
b. main tx modality for small cell cancer
c. used for patietns with locally advanced cancer, bu with good performance status and inoperable tumor
d. chemotherapy agents commonly include cisplatin, carboplatin, vindesine, and etoposide
except A
each of the following structures is located in teh mediastinum except

a. thymus
b. esophagus
c. lung
d. heart
Except C lung
tumors located in th ___of the lung may result in Pancoast's or superior sulcus tumor syndrome
Oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs in the ___within the lung
alveolar ducts