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smoking is responsible for 80-90% of all lung cancers
Lung cancer
smoking major risk factor
lung cancer
common sites for mets include: liver, brain, bones,scalene lymph nodes, adrenal glands
lung cancer
diagnosis identified by malignant cells; tissue sample biopsy or sputum with malignant cells to get official diagnosis
lung cancer
• NSCLC staged according to TNM system
• T denotes tumor size, location, and degree of invasion
• N indicates regional lymph node involvement
• M represents presence/absence of distant metastases
staging denotes how they treat cancer
lung cancer
chemo, radioation, surgery or combo of the three
Lung cancer treatment
• Surgical resection is contraindicated for small cell carcinomas
• Squamous cell carcinomas are likely treated with surgery - only cure
surgical therapy for lung cancer
• Curative approach in individual with resectable tumor and poor surgery risk
• Some cancer cells are more radiosensitive than others
• Used in combination with chemotherapy and surgery
• Palliative to relieve symptoms (SCVS, obstruction)
radiation therapy for lung cancer
• Treatment of nonresectable tumors or adjuvant to surgery in NSCLC with distant metastases
• Used in combination with multidrug regimen
• Improved survival rate with NSCLC and SCLC
chemotherapy for lung cancer
• Biologic therapy
• Prophylactic cranial therapy (SCLC)
• Bronchoscopic laser therapy (obstruction)
• Phototherapy
• Airway stenting - relieve obstsruction
• Cryotherapy
other therapies for lung cancer
remove vocal cords-inform preop about lack of talking ability ENSURE PATIENT AIRWAY
laryngectomy for head and neck cancer treatment