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custos morum
guardian of the morals
contra bonos mores
against good morals
pari passu
equal rate of pace
new code
code applying to blacks "slave code"
pro nullis
as nothing
property owned by slaves
related by blood/relatives/affinity
proprio vigore
by its own strength
payment for work
mortmain acts
dead hand - property goes to church (but not after acts)
expressio unis est exclusio alterius
expression of one things is the exclusion of the other
quad quiedem perquam duram est, sed it a lex scripta est
doesn't matter what law says because this is what it means
a fortiori
even more so
causus omissus
case omitted
partus sequitur ventrem
children follow the condition of the mother
mesne profits
time betwen slavery and evenutally set free
partus sequitor ventrem
offspring follows condition of the mother
nullius filius
child of no one
furor brevis
breif fury
jure divin
legal natural marriages
lex loci contractus
law of the place where contracted
accompanying; incidental
unmarried person
per verba de praesenti
words of the present
per verba de futuro cum copula
intercourse required
consensus non concubitus, facit nuptias
consent, not sexual relations, make marriage
jus gentium
common law of nations
ejusdem generis
same type of class
a mense et thoro
separation: bed and board remain married, but live apart
jus tendi
power to own and enjoy
jus disponendi
power to dispose
a vinculo matrimonii
absolute divorce
rationabilis pars
shares of wife and children
writ de rationabili parte bonorum
getting wife and children their shares
sui jurris
legally competant/independent/of full age
sub postestate viri
under control/power of husband
cummunis error facit jus
commmon error makes law
partria potestas
paternal power (father can kill child)
quo animo
part, share
premium pudicitiae
price of chastity
trespass quave clausum
breaking and entering plaintiff's close