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offal (N)
awful smel
Gravity (N)
seriousness feels like gravity
countenance (V)
Approve or condone
count dracula will condone you to death
Brook (V)
tolerate, put up with
if you have cc brooks in your class then you have to put up with him
Portentous (ADJ)
ominous, threatening, sign of bad things to come
a unsturdy port willl fall
prodigious (ADJ)
arousing awe, enormous
a pro digger can dig an enormous
Fractious (ADJ)
troublesume and unruly
u think its unruly when u get a fracture
Tempest (N)
storm is a pest
indifferent (ADJ)
neutral or unbiased
you will be different than the person talking to u
Augur(er) (N)
person who tells the future
u already know what seasons in agust so u will be like an augur