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Opulence (N)
If you own Opul's you are wealthy
Culpable (ADJ)
Guilty; At fault
If you are the culprat you are culpable
Droll (ADJ)
Humorous; Distinct in an appealing way
Troll's are humouros
Raze (V)
To destroy totally, right down to the ground
A blaze will totally destroy a building
Chagrin (N)
Grin when you are embarrassed
Feral (ADJ)
Fierce, wild, savage
Will Ferral is wildly hilarious
Inept (ADJ)
Lacking Competence; Not suited for a job; awkward
Somber (ADJ)
Of dark or gloomy aspect; Grave
May Sob when you put a freind in a grave
Balm (N)
Anything that sooths or makes one feel better
Lip balm
Arduous (ADJ)
Difficult and hard to achieve
ARD =hard