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What are the 7 LSAT modes of thought?
Precise, mechanical, uncreative, unimaginative inflexible, superficial and literal
What do I never do on the LSAT?
Interpret. Never, ever interpret, only match!
What is the "Best of Five" priciple?
Usually find it easy to eliminate 2-3 answers by precision. The remaining answers will be tough & requirqe you to go back b/t Arg./Psg. and answers
What is the "Credited Response?"
The LSAT's term for the "best answer"
What is a distractor?
The LSAT term for 2nd best answers, delibrately designed to mislead you
What are the my 3 LSAT strategies?
Skip around a lot, do the easy Q first and leave time for intelligent guessing
LSAT Arg./Psg. Qs are essentially...
Matching words and phrases in the Arg./Psg. with equivalent words and phrases in the answer according to dictionary definitions
What are the 3 ways to avoid distractors in Arg/Psg Qs?
Predict/anticipate the answers, have a BAD attitude and know the 3 trap/distractor categories
For all answers....
Assume guilty until proven innocent
What are the 3 major dictractor categories for Arguments?
(impreceise/bad paraphrase)
2.Not in Argument
3.Wring Part
What are the 3 major distractor categories for Passages?
(imprecise/bad paraphrase)
2.Wrong Place
3.Not in Passage
Most arguments are........
Flawed and more flawed than I think
What 3 things am I required to do with Arguments?
1.Recognize stupidity
3.Bring in a judicious amount of real world common sense
What is "Bounds?"
Limits on an Arg., by topic, issue & phrasing. Only the author decides limits
What is "Out of Bounds?"
Answers that introduce new topics or issues that the author didn't address.
What are 2 ways answers go Out of Bounds?
Precision mismatch & real world connections
What are the 8 specific Q types in the Arg. that can have "CR" answers that go out of bounds?
Weakeners, Relevance, Similar Arg., Exp./Recon., Assump.,Strengtheners & Infrences
What is the strategy for answering Passage Qs?
Find 'n Match (1-4 lines)