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What are the 5 requirements of the Hardy-Weinberg theorem?
-Mating is Random
-Population is large
-no migration between populations
-no mutation
-Natural selection doesn't affect the amount of alleles being expressed
a group of organisms
Sister Taxa
two groups united by the presence of a synapomorphy
Derived Trait
A trait that was different from what was present in the ancestor
Monophyletic group
group that contains ALL the common descendants of a common ancestor
Paraphyletic group
some descendants, but not all
Polyphyletic group
Groups that contain taxa that do not share a most common recent ancestor
derived characteristics
shared, derived character
homoplasy/convergent evolution
similarity sue to independent evolution
When was the largest mass extinction?
When was the largest radiation?
Sexual selection involves
competition and sexual dimorphism
Agents of Selection
factors that help selection occur. predators, etc
What are the 2 types of competition? Explain
intraspecific-among members of own species
interspecific-leads to competitive exclusion
What is necessary for Darwin's view of natural selection?
-There must be more individuals than resources can support
-There must be genetic variability that makes one organism have more fitness.
-there muse be a way to pass down traits form one generation to the next
Natural Selection
Differential to survival and reproduction. It is a phenomenon of the population
Inclusive fitness
genetic relationships might explain altruism
Allopatric population
when there is no gene flow between species
kings play chess on fat green stools
kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Sympatric speciation
new species form within the range of an ancestral species
For a population to evolve, its members must
possess heritable variation.
To establish that evolution by natural selection is operating in a population, one must demonstrate variability for a trait, heritability of that trait, differential reproductive success based on that trait, and:
nothing else.
A population is said to be polymorphic for a locus if it has at least
two different alleles at that locus.