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Thigh bone
Superior bump on the Femur:
Greater Trochanter
Smaller bump on the posterior side of the Femur:
Lesser Trochanter
The ball of the Femur:
Femoral Head
Narrow portion that connect the head of the Femur to the Shaft:
Femoral Neck
A ridge on the posterior side between the Greater Trochanter and the Lesser Trochanter of the Femur:
Intertrochanter Crest
A ridge on the anterior side of the Femur between the Greater and Lesser Trochanters:
Intertrochanter Line
A smooth surface on the medial side of the Femur:
Medial Condyle
Smooth surface on the lateral side of the Femur:
Lateral Condyle
Anterior bump above the medial condyle of the Femur:
Medial Epicondyle
Anterior Bump above the lateral condyle of the Femur:
Lateral Epicondyle
Medial Bone of the lower leg (big one)
Bump on the anterior side of the Tibia:
Tibial Tuberosity
Bump on the very distal end of the Tibia:
Medial Malleolus
A smooth surface on the medial side of the Tibia:
Medial Condyle
Smooth surface on the lateral side of the Tibia:
Lateral Condyle
A ridge on the front of the Tibia:
Anterior Crest
The lateral bone of the lower leg:
The very distal end of the Fibula:
Lateral Malleous
Ankle Bones:
Heel Bone:
Medial side, rectangular shape in the foot:
Under the Tibia, in front of the Calcaneus:
Cube shaped bone in the foot, on the lateral side:
Bone next to the Cuboid:
Lateral Cuneiform
Bone in the middle of the 3, under the 2nd toe:
Intermediate Cuneiform
Most medial bone in the foot:
Medial Cuneiform
Sole of foot plus the toes:
metatarsals and phalanges
The Big Toe:
Knee Cap: