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What is fovea capitis femoris?
a depression at the medial edge for attachment of ligament and passage of vessel
What type of joint is the knee?
synovial bicondylar
where is the adductor tubercle?
small sharp prominence at the superior edge of the medial condyle
Where is the trochanteric fossa?
medial surface of the gr. trochanter where it meets the neck of femur
where is the unnamed fossa?
anterior to trochanteric fossa
what is the ridge from the great trochanter to the lesser trochanter?
intertrochanteric crest
What are the parts of the medial lip of linea aspera?
Superiorally becomes spiral line which is continious w/ the intertrochanteric line anteriorally. Inferiorally becomes the medial supracondylar line which ends at the adductor tubercle
What are the parts of the intermediate lip of linea aspera?
Gives rise to pectineal line which ends at the lesser trochanter
What are the parts of the lateral lip of linea aspera?
Superior continuation is gluteal tuberosity, inferiorally is lateral supracondylar line which ends at the lateral epicondyle
Where is the popliteal surface of the femur?
posterior inferior surface of the shaft of the femur
How is the nutrient foramen directed?
superiorly because it angles away from the more rapidly developing bone
Where is the primary center of ossification of the femur?
midshaft at the 7th fetal week
When/where are the secondary ossification centers of the femur?
Femoral condyles-birth, Head-1yr, Greater trochanter-4-5yrs, Lesser trochanter-12-14yrs
In the frontal plane, what is the angle of the femoral shaft?
10-15 degrees also called the angle of declination or angle of femoral torsion. decreases w/ maturity.
What is the angle of inclination?
angle of long axis of the head and neck w/ the long axis of the shaft, decreases from 150 to 125 at adulthood
Where is the ventral sacroiliac ligament?
b/t auricular surfaces of sacrum and ilium
What does the sacrotuberous ligament connect?
PSIS, PIIS, the dorsolateral aspect of the sacrum and the dosrolateral aspect of the coccyx to the ischial tuberosity
What does the sacrospinous ligament connect?
From the dorsolateral margin of the inferior 1/2 of the sacrum and the dorsolateral margin of the coccyx to the ischial spine
What does the inguinal/pouparts ligament connect?
ASIS and pubic tubercle, also divides hip and thigh regions
What does the lacunar /gimbernats ligament do?
medial portion of inguinal ligament, where fibers change direction
What does the pectineal/Coopers ligament do?
extension of the lacunar ligament along the pubic pectineal line.
What does the upper band of the iliolumbar ligament connect?
Anterior aspect of 5th lumbar vert to posterior part of the internal lip of the iliac crest
What does the lower band of the iliolumbar ligament connect?
Anterior acpect of the 5th lumbar to the anterolateral aspect of the sacrum, superiorly
What does the long dorsal sacroiliac connect?
From lateral crests of 3rd and 4th sacral vert to post. superior iliac spine.
What does the short dorsal sacroiliac ligament connect?
From intermediate and lateral crests of 1st and 2nd sacral verts to PSIS and internal lip of the iliac crest posteriorally
What does the interosseous sacroiliac ligament connect?
sacral tuberosity to the iliac tuberosity
What, structurally type of joint is the sacroiliac?
synovial planar joint
the sacroiliac joint is a functional ____________?
at what vertebral levels is the sacroiliac articulation?
S-1 to S-3
what covers the articular surfaces of the sacroiliac joint?
What is the only intrinsic ligament of the SI joint?
Ventral sacroiliac ligament. a thickening of the joint capsule anteriorally
This extrinsic ligament of the os coxa is sometime considered a structural syndesmosis?
Interosseous SI ligament
What ligament prevents superior rotation of the pelvic bone on the sacrum during weight bearing to aid in stabilizing the SI joint posteriorally?
Sacrospinous lig. and sacrotuberous lig.
What structurally is the syphysis pubis?
fibrous syndesmosis joint
What functionally is the symphysis pubis/pubic symphysis?
What type of cart is between pubic articulations?
hyaline, then fibro which is the interpubic disc
How many vertebrae are fused to form the coccyx?
4 fused into 2-3 segments
What are the transverse ridges formed from?
Fusion of the vertebral bodies, are the last place in the body to ossify
What goes through the anterior sacral foramina?
Ventral rami S-1 to S-4; holes at anterolateral sacral canal
What is the sacral promontory composed of?
Anterior superior ridge of S-1 Vertebra
What makes up the sacral alae?
Fused transveres processes of S-1
What makes up the superior articular processes?
UNFUSED superior articular processes of S-1; articular surface is posterior
What makes up the median sacral crest?
Fused spinous processes of S-1 to S-4
What makes up the sacral hiatus?
From lamina of S-5 that do NOT fuse, its a passage for meninges and spinal nerves
What is the function of the sacral cornu?
inferior projection of the sacrum which is formed by ligamentous attachment to the coccyx
What goes thru the posterior sacral foramnia?
Dorsal rami of S-1 to S-4
What makes up the intermediate sacral crest?
Superior and inferior artucular processes.
What forms the sacral groove?
Fusion of the vertebral laminae S-1 to S-4
What makes up the Lateral Sacral crest?
Fusion of transverse processes
What makes up the coccygeal cornu?
Superior articular processes of Co-1 vertebra; articulate with sacral cornu via ligamentous attachment
What does the auricular surface of the sacrum articulate with and its char's?
Pelvic bone; Part of the sacroiliac joint, which is a synovial joint
What is the fxn of the sacral tuberosity?
Posterior part of lateral surface; for attaching ligaments
*Where are primary centers of ossification in the sacrum?
All present at birth, one in each vertebral body, one in each segment of the lateral masses, and one in each of the lamina(around sacral canal)
Where are the secondary centers of ossification in the sacrum>
Upper and lower surfaces of the bodies, spinous processes, transverse processes, and lateral surfaces.
When do the secondary ossification centers appear in the sacrum?
Appear between puberty and 20 yrs, all fused by 25 except transverse ridges which are at middle age
What are the pelvic bones' lateral, anterior, and posterior articulations?
Lateral-Femoral head; Anterior-symphyseal surface of the other pelvic bone; Posterior-Lateral surface of the sacrum
What is the posterioinferior portion of the pelvic bone?
What os coxa feature is used to measure limb length?
What closes the Greater sciatic notch to make it the greater sciatic foramen?
Sacrospinous ligament
What is the landmark between the greater and lesser sciatic notches?
Ischial spine
What muscle goes thru the greater sciatic foramen?
What ligament forms the lesser sciatic foramen?
Sacrotuberous ligament
What muscle passes thru the lesser sciatic foramen?
obturator internus
What separates the iliac body and ala?
Arcuate line
What does the pecten pubis/pectineal line separate?
border between the pectineal and pelvic surfaces of the pubis
What does the iliopectineal eminence/iliopubic eminence separate?
Iliac body and superior pubic ramus; it is continious w/ the arcuate line of the ilium via the iliopectineal line
What percent of the acetabulum does the ilium make? the ischium? pubic ramus?
body of ilium-40%; Body of ischium-40%; Superior pubic ramus-20%
At which surface does the head of the femur articulate w/ the acetabulum?
Lunate surface
What is the acetabular fossa?
Roughened central depression w/in the acetabulum; formed mostly by the ischial body; its for passage of ligament and neurovascular structures
What is the acetabular notch?
depressed area between the ends of the lunate surface.
The acetabular foramen is closed to the acetabular notch by what structure?
Transverse acetabular ligament
When does the primary center of ossification of the ilium appear?
9th Fetal week in the iliac ala
When does the primary center of oss. of the ischium appear?
4th fetal month in the ischial body
When does the primary center of oss. of the pubis appear?
late 4th fetal month in the superior pubic ramus
Where are the secondary centers of ossification of the os coxa and when?
Iliac crest, acetabulum, pubic body, ischial tuberosity (15-25)
In the anatomical position, what 2 structures of the innominate bone lie in the same coronal plane?
ASIS and pubic tubercles
What lines make up linea terminalis?
arcuate, iliopectineal, pectineal/pecten pubis, and pubic crest