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What is the Cosmic cycle?
The idea that the universe goes from order to chaos and back to order.
Most Egyptian myths and religious beliefs originated in what city?
Heliopolis (Sun City)
What was the political capital of Egypt?
What was the name of the primordial ocean? What did it represent?
Nun (pronounced "noon", represented chaos and disorder.
What is the name of the sun god that arose over the primordial hill? What did he represent?
Re was the name of the sun god

Represents order and life
What were the two 1st generation gods? And what did they represent?
Chou (Dry) -> Order
Tefnout (Wet) -> Disorder
What were the two 2nd generation gods? And what did they represent?
Nout (Sky god) -> Order
Geb (Earth god) -> Disorder
What were the two 3nd generation god COUPLES? And what did they represent?
Isis and Osiris: King and Queen of Gods(order and fertility)

Seth and Nephtys: Sterile (destruction and disorder)
What happens to Osiris?
Seth becomes jealous and tears him to pieces. (disorder) Isis takes the pieces and puts them back together.
Who was Oriris's son and what did he become after he was born?
Horus, became king of the universe.
What is the myth of human chaos involving Re.
Human beings became so chaotic and lawless that is sent to destroy them with a laser beam.
He is given beer.
Who was the king of Shurrupak?
Utna Pishtim