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Who are the protagonists of the novel?
Ralph, Piggy and Jack
What was Ralph's rationale for telling the other boys Piggy's name
So the other boys would not call him fat and tease him
How does Piggeny mention starting a society?
building huts
finding food
having order
According to Piggy, the only threat to be afraid of
The only things to be afraid of were people
If Piggy is known for his brains, what is Ralph known for?
How did the hunters not fulfill their duty
Not killing the pig
Not keeping the fire lit
Two examples as to why Ralphs says their society is falling apart
Boys using bathroom everywhere
Hair is growing making them savages, not civilized
What did Samneric think was the beastie
a monster
What character disliked Castle Rock?
Who stayed and watched the little ones while to boys went hunting?
I just think you'll get back all right. What Simon told Ralph
What is the divider and barrier
the water
What does Jack half jokingly mention they should kill instead of the pig
little ones
How does Jack try and sway the boys to his side
By questioning Ralph's leadership
What word replaced the Big'uns?
How is Piggy's clear-sightedness stripped?
When his glasses were broken and taken away
How is Jack's tyranny revealed?
Who warns Ralkp that Jack's tribe will be hunting him
Who tells Jack Ralph's hiding place?
What is ironic about the fire started by Jack
Who symbolizes a religious sensibility?
This does not represent civilized society
Piggy is best represented by which object?
The Little'uns best represent which aspect of society?
This does NOT represent eveil in some for in this novel?
Statement that best related the author's view on the nature of evil?
Piggy asks which is better to have rules and agree or to hunt and hill? Which events in the book does not illustrate this theme?
What is the best interpretation of Jack's inability to kill the pig at the beginning of the novel?
The Lord of the Flies talks to who?
Ralph can best be represented by:
common sense??
civilization and order
Piggy's glasses
power of science and intellect
signal fire
desire to be rescued
savagery in people
Pig's head
Lord of the Flies (Devil)
order, leadership, civilization
human goodness
brutality and blood lust
unbridled savagery and evil