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back gate
Sam came
can make
fan game
sad Jake
pack tape
damp cave
Dan date
cat lame
jam fake
cash case
dad rake
catch Jane
lamp base
fat cake
sad fate
ham bake
math base
ranch lake
map sale
has date
fish bite
kid Mike
pick lime
his bike
in time
lift tire
is fine
Kit hide
with life
big hike
win kite
wig mine
Rick bite
fin wide
sit dike
hid dime
pig hide
fit pipe
tin mine
big tide
Nick dine
lock home
Don rode
top pole
not code
pot hole
hot note
pop bone
on dome
job hope
rock cone
Tod poke
Bob doze
got mole
mob woke
mock vote
hop cove
cop joke
mop home
hug Luke
gulp cube
fun Yule
pup cute
duck rude
tug mule
bug mute
lucky June
sun cure
wet tea
well deep
Beth keep
fed meal
beg Dee
met me
set bean
pet seek
led jeep
get deer
red meat
ten bees
Meg dear
leg weak
Les weep