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How much does a short sleeper need?
How much does a long sleeper need?
-less than 7.5hrs One study found that they only need 6
-more than 7.5hrs. One study found they needed 9.5.
What were the main differences between the groups?
the amount of time spent in the sleep stages.
What were the differences in time spent in the sleep stages between long and short sleepers?
Short -stage 1 2%, long -stage 1 -8%
Short REM 90mins, Long REM 160min
stage 2 sleep was longer in long sleepers.
Little difference in time spent in stage3/4
So, do long sleepers tend to have longer REm, stage 1 and 2 sleep?
yes sireee..
have there been any identifiable personality diffs between long/short sleepers?
Possibly. Long sleepers tend to be relective, writers, artists while short sleepers tend to be very busy with lots of commitments. rather than personality diffs, it seems as though occupation type is the main difference.
What did hartmann find when he compared long and short sleepers?
that there were no significant personality diffs on the tests given but there were lifestyle and occupation differences which reflected personality traits.
What did Webb argue?
that he had also taken hundreds of measures and that several had shown significance at a 0.5 and 0.01 level. But he didn't think these were of consequence.
Why didn't Webb feel that his results on the personaltiy measures were of any importance?
because if you measure a sample enough you will eventually come up with a finding at the .05 level.
What was wrong with WEbb's sample?
it was college students who as yet did not have occupations and 'lifestyles' of hartmann's broader sample.
Where were Webb's sample from?
Where were Hartmann's sample from?
Webb -College students

hartmann - wider age range and from NYC.