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Establish each constituent conjunct first
^ Intro
Given A ^ B you can assert A
^ Elim
Given A you can assert A v B
v Intro
You may conclude R from P...R and Q...R
v Elim
If from P you can prove a contradiction you are entitled to ⌐P
⌐ Intro
From ⌐⌐P to P
⌐ Elim
If in a subproof you can assert P and show Q, you may assertP → Q
→ Intro
modus ponens; From P → Q, if you have P you can assert Q
→ Elim
If you have established an explicit contradiction in the form of a sentence P and ⌐P
┴ Intro
If you are able to establish a contradiction then you can assert any sentence in FOL whatsoever
┴ Elim
You can conclude Q if you can establish P and either of the biconditionals indicated.
↔ Intro
P ↔ Q (or Q ↔ P)
Two subproofs, one showing Q follows P, and one showing P follows Q
↔ Elim