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we have ways of making you change your mind
appeal to force
but mom, everybodys wearing them
mob appeal
there are 7 million poor in this nation. the only answer is a welfare system
irrelevant thesis
my opponent has admitted to being an adulterer. so how can we take him seriously on any important issue?
abusive ad hominem
wilfred brimley says oatmeal is the right thing to do.
appeal to authority
economic equality would be a good idea, except that it comes straight out of the pages of karl marx.
genetic fallacy
can you prove there isn't a soul?
appeal to ignorance
You've come a long way, baby
snob appeal
of course you say children should be seen and not heard. you dont have children
circumstantial ad hominem
no good christian would support abortion
mob appeal
national health insurance is merely another government boondoggle.
You say teachers should get higher salaries because they'd be happier on the job? why should they be happier than the rest of us?
straw man
a shrewd misrepresentation of an opponents argument --then you disprove that
straw man
trying to say that one example disproves the whole argument
refuting examples
the parkers are well off, so that defeats tom's whole argument!
refuting examples
a diversion designed to pull the argument off track
red herring
stupid objections
trivial objections
no true scotsman drinks gin.
mcbain drinks gin
well then he must not be a true scotsman
definitional sulk
i dont know
later : i dont remember
shifting ground
avoiding commitment to clear words
wHAT YOUsay about toxic waste dumps is all very good. they smell like rotten eggs. i once tasted a rotten egg and....
red herring