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Another way to refer to a hotel; includes facilities and personnel
Any well run property
Good hotel
The operating departments in the hotel that look after the rooms: selling, check in, cleaning etc. The traditional configuration is Housekeeping, Maitenance and Front Office
rooms division
A european position, increasingly found in North American hotels, responsible for for handling guests needs, particularly relating to out of hotel services; designation of the sleeping floor where these services are offered.
A mutual agreement between the guest and the hotel for the guest to take accomodations on a given date for a given period of time and the hotel to provide a room for the dates agreed.
6pm or 4pm holds. The reservation has been taken and a confirmation number has been given; however no method of guarantee has been provided to pay for the room in the event of the guest not arriving. If the guest does not arrive by cut offon the day of the arrival, the rooms will be released and made available for sale to someone else. Very few hotels still offer this type of reservation status.
non guaranteed
PAyment for the room is promised even if the expected guest fails to arrive. The hotel requires the guest to provide a method of guarantee, that may be charged for one night's room rate if the guest does not arrive and does not phone to cxl within the required time. The room will be held until c/o time the following day.
Credit card number with expiry date; travel agency creditcard number with expiry date. Travel agency or company address, if preauthorized billing has been arranged, including credit checks.
methods of guarantee
The form that is printed and mailed or faxed to the guest upon request, providing the guest with a written record of the reservation.
Confirmed reservation slip.
The numeric code attached to the reservation file in the computer.
COnfirmation number
The time at which the hotel promises to have all the rooms cleaned and available to be occupied by the arriving guests; generally alte afternoon.
Check in time.
Operationally, this is generally before noon(need to know about this to be able to do whatever you can to ensure there are rooms ready for guests when they arrive.) From a forecasting perspective, this term refers toa guest who arrives a day or two earlier than the reservation calls for.
early arrival
A guest with a reservation who expects to arrive after teh cut off hour(ex. 6pm) and so notifies the hotel; after 10 pm this is noted for operational reasons (ex. staffing, possible non arrivals).
late arrival