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List Six Basic Functions of an Operating System?
What separates the a multitasking operating sysstem from a non-multitasking operating system.
Multitasking can “run” multiple processes at the same time.
List the primary differences between a network operating system and an operating system
network operating system manages network servers, printers, multiple networks, and potentially large numbers of local and remote users.
What is the purpose of a NetWare loadable module?
A loadable module is a piece of executable code that is not loaded until it is needed, and then unloaded when finished.
What is meant by disk mirroring?
Splitting data over multiple disk drives.
What is the purpose of IPX/SPX?
Network and transport layer software, respectively, for NetWare NOS.
What is the function of NetWare directory service NDS?
To manage all files, users, and resources in a powerful and efficient manner
What are the primary features of Windows NT version 4?
Good application server, scalable, interfaces well with other Windows products
What are the main advantages of Windows 2000 over NT version 4?
More powerful, flexible, and manageable.
What are the strengths of Unix?
Fast, powerful, popular, and stable.
List the reasons for Linux’s popularity
It is free, stable, and fast.
What is the function of Windows’ Active Directory?
It is the same as NDS for NetWare.
What are the strengths of Unix?
Fast, powerful, popular, and stable
List the reasons for Linux’s popularity
It is free, stable, and fast
What are the disadvantages of Linux?
No one company supports the code. It also might not work well on very large systems
What are the advantages and disadvantages of OS/2?
Advantages include stable, flexible and relatively powerful operating system that supports multitasking. Disadvantages include lack of widespread popularity and small number of supporting applications.
What are the conditions often stated in a software license agreement?
Single user single station or single user multiple station
List the types of software license agreements.
Single user single station, single user multiple station, interactive user, network server, site, corporate
What are the five most common groups of network utility software?
Anti-virus, backup, crash protection, remote access, uninstall.
. What are the primary functions of an Internet web page server?
To accept requests from clients for web pages and to return the web pages to the clients.
What are the different types of hardware support devices for local area networks
Bridges, routers, switches, hubs, servers, UPS, tape drives, printers, media converters, modems, and workstations.