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How many bones in the Cervical Vertebrae?
7 cervical vert. located in neck
They are small and bifurcated (forked)spinous process, have a foramen in the tranverse process
Where is the first cervical vertebra?
Known as the Atlas because it articulates w/skull. Holds up skull
What is the Second Cervical Vertebra
Axis, distinguished by the dens/odonteoid process
What is the Thoracic Vertebrae?
Contains 12 vertebrae, distinguished by a long spinous process that slants downward
Where is the spinous process?
Row of lumps on the back
What are the bones of the pelvis?
Formed by two hip bones that have an anterior articulation in the publis symphysis, and posterior articulation w/sacrum.
What is the first cervical vert that can be felt?
What is the 1st Lumbar vert that can be felt?
L-5 can be felt from the bottom up
What lumbar vertebrae is at the top of the illiac crest?
Inferior angle of scapula is spinus process of T-7 if Standing or lying down?
If lying is T-6
What 3 bones form the hip?
Where is the crest of the Ilium?
The bony ridge at top of hips
Where are the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine and Posterior Superior Iliac spine?
They are terminal points of iliac crest. Follow the crest anteriorly and posteriorly..stick out in front (bikini line bones!)
Where is the Pubic Symphis?
at terminal portion of the abdomen
WHere is the Ischial Tuberosity?
The sit bones
What is Pubic Symphysis?
Is the anterior connection of the two hip bones
What is Lateral Flexion & Rotation of the Vertebral Column?
Lateral Flexion - Bending to side

Rotating is looking over shoulder movement of upper body.
WHat is Backward Tilt of the Pelvis?
Superior movement of symphysis pubis.
Backward tilt from hips.
What is lateral tilt of the Pelvis?
Occurs when one iliac crest is above the other, as when standing on uneven surfaces.
Where is the Sternocleidomastoid?
Attaches at sternum and clavicle near the SC joint, runs to mastoid process of skull.
What & where is the Scaleni?
3 Scaleni muscles
They run btwn cervical vert and first 2 ribs
Where is the Quadratus Lumborum?
Runs btwn lumbar vertebrae and crest of ilium (12th rib), Whole low back
Where is the External Oblique?
On the anterolateral aspect of the abdomen, runs obliquely between the ribs and iliac crest of pelvis.
WHere is the Internal Oblique?
Lies deep to the external oblique, between ribs and iliac crest
Whatis the Lordosis?
Normal in cervical lumbar. Exaggerated anterior curve.
What is Kyphosis?
Exaggerated posterior curve, is normal.
Hyper is more in increased curve forward.
What is scoliosis?
Lateral deviation of the vertebral column. Upper curve of spine
How many bones in the Vertebral Column?
33 in 3 regions
Separated by a disk of fibrocartilage.
What are the Lumbar vertebrae
5 in the lumbar region are largest of the freely moving vertebrae, straight, blunt spinous processes, large thick bodies
What is Forward tilt of the Pelvis?
Inferior movement of symphsis pubis...bending forward from hips
What is Flexion & Extension of the Vertebral Column?
Flexion - bending forward at neck or waist.

Extension - return to standing or bending backwards, or arching back
Where is the Erector Spinae group?
Several muscle groups that runs length of both side of vert column.
Attach on vertebrae, adjacent ribs, and sacrum