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What are the nerves the innervate the upper extremity?
They come from either the cervical spine (neck) or the brachial plexus (axilla).
Where is the spinal accessory nerve?
It runs to the trapezius, which anchors on the spine
Where is the Thoracodorsal Nerve, Latissimus Dorsi?
It innervates the latissimus dorsi, which is located on the thorax on the dorsal surface of the body
What does the Dorsal Scapula Nerve innervate?
The two muscles attached on the dorsal surface of scapula.
Levator scapula & Rhomboids
What does the Suprascapular Nerve innervate?
Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus
What does the Long Thoracic Nerve innervate?
Serratus Anterior
Travels down the thorax
What does the Axillary Nerve innervate?
Deltoid and Teres Minor
What does the Subscapular Nerve innervate?
Subscapularis and Teres Major
What does the Musculocutaneous Nerve innervate?
Anterior arm, including biceps
What does the Median Nerve innervate?
Anterior muscles found on the lateral 2/3's of the forearm & hand
What does the Radial Nerve innervate?
Posterior Arm, Forearm, Hand
Including triceps
What does the Ulnar Nerve innervate?
Anterior Forearm & hand, innervates the medial 1/3 of arm (funny bone)
Where is the Subclavian artery
Superior to the clavicle (near neck)
WHere is the axillary artery?
Is the continuation of the subclavian artery in the axillary region
Where is the Brachial Artery?
Further continuation of the subclavian artery (between biceps and tricpes on medial arm)
Where is the radial artery located?
Radial branch of the brachial artery, is found at wrist just laterl to tendon of flexor carpi radialis (where we take a pulse)
Where is the Ulnar Artery located?
Just lateral to the flexor carpi ulnaris. Runds down the forearm on ulnar side and passes into the anterior hand
Where are the dorsal veins of the hand?
up the dorsal surface, across metacarpals. Bulge on top of hand.
Where is the Median Vein
Up the middle of the forearm
Where is the Median Cubital Vein
In middle of cubital fossa, usually draw blood here
Where is the Basilic Vein
In the medial upperarm. Begins in dorsal hand, crosses wrist and up to medial arm
What do the Medial and Lateral Anterior Thoracic Nerves innervate?
Pectoralis Major & Minor
Found on the anterior thorax
Where is the Cephalic Vein?
Can see it on lateral biceps or on brachioradialis. From dorsal hand, crosses wrist and turns anterior to run up lateral arm and join axillary vein