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formal writing dealing with a subject (Machiavelli’s The Prince)
aristotelian tragedy
writing including a plot (peripetia, recognition, and scene of suffereing), single actino which the whole play revolves around, tragic hero (noble birth and has a hamartia), catharsis
iambic pentameter
dah dum dah dum dah dum, what (Petrarchan) sonets are written in

danielle danielle danielle
the globe
round theater where plays were performed, best seats behind the stage, groundlings, more important to hear than see, thatch roof, on the river thames, burnt down when shooting cannon
implied comparison between two things
a comparison between two things using the words like or as
one person saying thoughts on stage when others "can't" hear them
one pereson speaking thoughts out loud
one person on stage ALONE speaking thoughts out lout
the use of mockery, wit, or irony to attack or ridicule something
something obviously out of place
an unrealistically exaggerated act or idae
an inconsisten or contradictory idea or fact. something that can not logically be true
a reference to ou cultural past
naive narrator
a narrator which we (the audience) can not trust because he is so gullible and stupid/innocent
Why is Macbeth considered Machiavellian?
1. does bad things to get power
2. does really bad things right away, but his flaw there is that he keeps on doing those bad things instead of stopping
Who is Macbeth?
Thane of Cawdor, main character. starts out weak and then gets stronger
Who is Lady Macbeth
macbeth's wife, starts out very cruel but then is ruined by guilt
Who is Duncan
king of scotland in the beginning, macbeth kills him
Who is Macduff
duncan's sun, cesarian section baby "not of woman born" so can kill Macbeth
Who is Banquo
father of Fleance, killied by Macbeth, his sons will be the next issue of kings, not Macbeth's sons
What is the purpose of the witches in Macbeth?
set the tone - eerie and prophetic, weird, put the idea of being king into Macbeth's head
what are some themes in MACBETH , explain them.
appearance vs. reality
light vs. dark
disruption of great chain of being
name some examples of imagery
sleep: being disturbed (conscience)
blood: guilt
how is gulliver a naiive narrator? what is his purpose?
gulliver even thinks his captors are doing a good jobof keeping him, he's innocent to the point of stupidity. swifts pupose was to, through him point out flaws
what is/are swift's messages in this satire, Gullivers travels?
pointing out problems; what politicians are really like during this time, etc.
how do we see swift's view of england through gulliver?
whatever gulliver says is good, we don't trust and know swift to believe the opposite
What does swift stairize in Gulliver's travels and how does he do it?
satirizes political leaders such as -- the king, which side to break the egg on (how to worship God)

how -- paradox, irony (like in Gulliver being a naive narrator and saying his captors are all great but they are still his captors)