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A speech given from a pulpit in a house of worship. It conveys to the audience the speaker’s message or point of view
Records major historical events that the writer may or may not have experienced.
historical narrative
Records information about the writer’s own travels.
exploration narrative
Records daily events and personal observations.
Records the injustices of slavery, and often tells how the writer escaped or was rescued.
slave narrative
Records events and personal feelings during the writer’s captivity.
captivity narrative
Stories that are passed down from generation to generation that explain something’s creation.
origin myth
Written by people who researched the events but didn’t witness them.
secondhand account
Had short words, direct statements, and references to ordinary, everyday objects.
Puritan plain style
Written by someone who lived through a significant historical event.
firsthand account
How were Native American myths such as “The Earth on Turtle’s Back” preserved?
They were passed down orally from earlier generations.
“The Earth on Turtle’s Back” explains how which of the following items was created?
The earth
From reading “The Earth on Turtle’s Back,” you can tell the Onondaga value certain things in their culture. Which two items do they value?
Animals and dreams
What part of the natural world is explained by “When Grizzlies Walked Upright”?
How Indians came to be
According to “When Grizzlies Walked Upright,” why do the Modocs never kill grizzly bears?
The grizzlies are their ancestors.
What are the 2 main purposes of exploration narratives?
To inform Europeans about the New World.
To secure funding for New World explorations.
Why are exploration narratives and journals an important part of American Literature?
Because they are the earliest form of American literature.
Why was Christopher Columbus trying to find the king of the island?
He wanted to get some gold.
.) Why did Columbus load approximately a ton of aloe onto his ship?
He believed it was valuable.
The selection in the textbook written by Christopher Columbus can most accurately be described as:
What are some words that describe John Smith
Capable Resourceful and an Egotist
According to The General History of Virginia, what are the main characteristics of President Wingfield, who kept a large store of food?
Selfish and weak.