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Who has opposing conflicts?
I have plot
Who has exaggeration?
I have risng action
Who has a time to resolve conflict?
I have climax
Who has an animal, object or idea that is described as if it were a person?
I have conflict
Who has what the author wants you to learn?
I have protagonist
Who has events leading to a climax?
I have antagonist
Who has a comparison using like or as?
I have theme
Who has a character that goes through changes?
I have setting
Who has hints as to what will happen?
I have denouement
Who has a combination of terms that contradict each other?
I have dynamic character
Who has a character that stays the same?
I have foreshadowing
Who has a person, place, thing, or event which represents something else?
I have flashback
Who has a comparison of two unlike things?
I have mood
Who has when a story comes to a satisfactory ending?
I have symbol
Who has words used to create images in the mind of the reader?
I have oxymoron
Who has all the events which occur?
I have imagery
Who has the perspective or vantage point from which a story is told?
I have hyperbole
Who has a look back at the past?
I have personification
Who has anyone or thing against the protagonist?
I have simile
Who has time, place or mood?
I have metaphor
Who has the feeling of a piece of writing?
I have point of view
Who has the turning point for the protagonist?
I have static character
Who has a comparison of two unlike things?
I have falling action