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the people, animals, or imaginary creatures who take part in the action of a story The following terms are used to describe characters
Harry Potter, Buckbeak, and Hedwig the Owl, are in the story.
the principal character in opposition to the protagonist in a narrative in drama. Sometimes the antagonist is not a character, but something else, life a force of nature, some aspect of society, or an internal force within the protagonist.
the central character or hero, usually the one with whom the audience tends to identify
Main Character
the most important character(s) in the story
Minor Characters
interact with the main character and move the story along
Dynamic Character
usually a main character who undergoes changes as the plot unfolds
Harry Potter found out he was a wizard in the 1st book, but in the second one, he found out he could talk to snakes.
Static Character
remains the same throughout the story
Lucius Malfoy is always supporting evil throughout all of the stories.
Flat Characters
are described simply or in only one dimension
Mrs. Norris (the cat).
Round Characters
are revealed through many, diverse traits
Struggle between opposing forces
Harry Potter and Voldemort were constant enemies.