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People, animals, or creatures in a story.

Dynamic character - the character changes in the story

Static character - does not change at all in the story
The time and place of the story.
Point of View
The view of whoever is telling the story.

1. First person - the narrator is a character in the story; uses "I" and "me."

2. Third Person Limited - the narrator is NOT in the story; focuses in on ONE character and knows what that one character is thinking and feeling.

3. Third Person Omniscient - the narrator is NOT in the story; knows what EVERY character in the story is thinking and feeling.
The battle or clash in the story.

1. Man vs. Man
2. Man vs. Nature
3. Man vs. Society
4. Man vs. Machine
5. Man vs. Himself
The most exciting part of the story.
A hint about what will happen next in the story.
The "good guy" in the story.

Examples: Shrek, Cinderella, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter
The "bad guy" in the story.

Examples: Darth Vadar, Wicked Witch of the West