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- self promoting
– colony had bad timing
- sea during planting season
- Pocahantas
- Did she really save John Smith?
- Didn’t include her until years later
- No one else talks of her
- Possible favor
- Native Americans did not typically bash heads as Smith describes
- He was “rescued by many women” over the years in his stories
John Smith
- Left England as Separatist
- Not wealthy
- Like Smith, Bradford had biased views
- His were based upon faith
- Recorded his experiences and achievements in hostile territory
- Wanted to identify God’s plan for the elect
- Justifies acts of the Pilgrims to investors
- Began writing just before leaving for America
- Documents disappeared for years
William Bradford
- Attended Cambridge
-Private journals not intended for public consumption
- Matter of fact language/easy to read
- Providential interpretations
- Snake/Mouse =
- Two types of Liberty
o Natural (Bad)
o Civic/Federal/Moral (Subjected by Christ)
John Winthrope
- 1st poet of English speaking America
- drew upon own life experiences
- Did not intend to have works published
- Fear of dying during childbirth
- Couplets
- Her house burned down
- Belongs to God
- Must be a reason for it
Anne Bradstreet
- Promising ancestry, but a tragic life
- Became symbolic of Puritan decline though he strived to be the vicar of Christ in the New World
- Stayed out of the witch trials
- Spectral evidence
- Believed people were falling away from religion and the Devil was at work
- Witchcraft
- Bridget Bishop trial
Cotton Mather
Kidnapped by Indians
"Frontier Adventure"
Mary Rowlandson
- colonist in Westover, VA
- Educated in England
- Uses/abuses women/slaves
- Expressed need for control
- “God forgive me”
- Very loose form of Christianity
- Differences between him and Puritans?
William Byrd
John Woolman
- New Jersey
- Eventually traveled the colonies as religious speaker
- Different kind of Separatist
- Quaker
- Wrote a spiritual autobiography
- Meant for it to be published
- Preferred reading Revelations to playing with friends
- Dream about bird
- Religious Tolerance
- Didn’t agree with slavery
- “Not a Christian idea
- Refused to eat American sugar
John Woolman
- radical
- rags to riches tale
- not very good at anything
- bankrupt
- Meets Franklin
- Franklin gets him into Philadelphia
- Body was burned in America
- Moved to England, but his bones were lost
- Common Sense
- Difference between society and government
- Society is produced by wants
- Government is produced by our own wickedness
- If Government gets out of line, get rid of it
- The American Crisis
- “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
-We only went to war to help people, and had no choice in the matter
- Pro war propagandist
Thomas Paine