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3jobs eudora welthy held prior to writing
radio writer, newspaper society editor, worked for wpa
hemmingway code hero
a mans man, a heavy drinker, womanizer, grace underpressure
3characteristics of fitzgerald literary techniques
skill of plootting, ability to evoke atmosphere, oblique yet stern socail critism
3undercuerrents of weltys fiction
death,violence, desegregation
4types of charicters in weltys fiction
inorated southern families, generally unstable kinfolk. physically handicapped, mentally retartd
3things anderson encouraged faulkner to in his writings
stick to prose, use region for material, develope own style
3things dunbar examined
loyalty of ex slaves, hostility of northern enviornemt, shortingings of urban life
langstan hughes-the board of harlem" wrote in 2 models
1)lyrics of black life usuing rythems from jazz and blues 2)poems of racial protests
2importatnt achievements of langstan
incorpoartion of black music in his poetyr, creation of authentic black folk speaker jesse b semple..
3jobs he held(langaston hughes)
merchant, nightclub worker, bus boy