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What do we require as proof of age?
State ID, Valid DL, Military ID, Passport
Management must be notified when a guest orders the first real strong drink. Give an example of one such drink.
Long Is. Iced Tea, Multiple Liquor Shot
What kind of Tequilla is in our regular Margaritas.
List five types of Tequilla to make a build your own Margarita?
Patron, Tarantula, 1800, Cuervo Gold, Hornitos
What is the standard garnish for Margaritas.
Lime Wheel, Salt Rim, Straw
What kind of alcohol is in the Daquiri?
Ron Rio Rum & Bols Strawberry Liquor
What is the standard garnish for Daquiris?
Strawberry- Cherry, Straw, Frill Stick

Peach- Orange Wheel, Cherry, Frill Stick
Name six brands of domestic beer.
Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, MGD, Michelob Ultra
Name six brands of imported beer.
Dos Equis Lager, Corona, Negro Modelo, Tecate, Dacifico, Shiner
What does the term "up" mean?
No ice, straight from bottle to glass
What does "Anejo" mean?
Aged one year in a wooden barrel.
Name four Anejo Tequillas.
El Tesoro Anejo, 1800 Anejo, Herradura Anejo, Tres Generations Anejo
What is served with bottle beer?
Chilled pint glass
Name the brands of wine.
Sutter Home- White Zin, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay

Kendal Jackson- Chardonnay, Yago = Sangria
Name all draft beers on tap.
Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, Dos Equis, Amber & Lager, Shiner & Michelob Ultra
Name four frozen specialty drinks.
Pina Coloda, Mudslide, Margarita Swirl, Strawberry Daquiri
List all of our well brands of liquor.
Tequila- Montezuma
Rum- Ron Rio
Vodka, Gin & Whiskey- McCormick
If you expect to miss a shift due to illness, what is expected of you as far as notice to Posados?
3 Hours Before Shift or ASAP
How do you go about making a shift trade?
Find someone to switch shifts, sign & date time of shift, both employees & manager must sign
How do you requiest special schedule consideration?
Get schedule request book, sign on date needed & reason. (2 Weeks In Advance)
On your day off, are you allowed to drink at Posados? List Any Rules.
Must be 21, Not In Uniform, Sitting At Table, Not Allowed To Sit At Bar Top
When do you need to be in full uniform?
Coming to and going from work.
When and where should you be at work for your shift?
10-15 Mins Early, In Your Station
Who are the managers in your restaurant?
GM- Tom Young
FOH- Jayne Hoclnoll
FOH- Frank Kaatz
BOH- Lisa Wilford
BOH- Fernando Martinez
How long has Posados been open?
August 2000
What is the telephone number and address of the restaurant?
1601 Airport Freeway
Bedford Texas, 76021
What are our hours of operation?
S-Thu. 11-10
F-Sat. 11-11
Do we have "To Go" Orders? If so, when?
Yes, at the bar, during regular business hours.