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What two commands will display output page-by-page?
more & less
What is the default location for executables and binary files?
What command is used to move or rename a file?
Where are the files for the first IDE HDD stored?
What does the tail command do?
prints the last 10 lines of a file
Where are files for the floppy disk contained?
What are curly brackets ({}) used for?
specifying multiple character strings
Where is the default mount directory?
What syntax is used to copy a file?
cp file1 file2
How are root directories denoted?
What is the syntax for the mount command?
mount -t type /dev/device mountpoint
Who founded the FSF?
Richard Stallman
What ls option will show hidden files?
What is the main directory in Linux called?
root directory
What command is used to read from a device?
What is the process directory called?
What is grep used for?
searching files for a specific string
Where are configuration files stored?
What is mkfs used for?
creating Linux partitions
When did Linus Torvalds start Linux?
What wildcard is used to represent a single character in globbing?
What is stored in the process directory?
information about running processes & system configuration information
What command will count the number of words in a file's output?
wc -w
What event led to the coining of the term "open source"?
the release of Netscape's source code
What is fsck used for?
checking and repairing filesystems
Where are lost files placed?
Where are default filesystem types and mount points listed?
Where are temporary files located?
What command will count the number of lines in a file's output?
wc -l
What is the device directory called?
What command can be used to count the number of bytes in a file's output?
wc -c
Who is the founder of GNU?
Richard Stallman
When using the Bash shell, what two files are located in the /home directory?
.bash_profile; .bashrc
Where are local programs and executables stored?
What command can be used to print the first 10 lines of a file?
Where are most general administration commands stored?
What are closed brackets ([]) used for?
specifying a range of characters
What license governs the use of most open-source software?
the GPL (General Public License)
What does a .bashrc file contain?
execution scripts that run each time a new shell is opened
Where is spooling, logging, and other data stored?
Where are users' home directories stored?
Where are optional packages stored?