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touch -a
updates access time only
touch -m
updates last time file was modified
paste -d
enables a different seperator
paste -s
files are pasted one at a time
cut -f
specifies fields cut -f1,3
cut -d
indicates the separator used between fields
cut -c
refrences character positions
sort -k
specifies key field
-k 3 third field
sort -t
specifies character seperating fields ":" \:
sort -o
redirects output to a specified file
sort -d
sorts in alphanumeric (dictionary) order
sort -g
sorts by numeric order
sort -r
sorts reverse order
join -a
produces a line for each unpairable line
join -a1
join -1 -2
used with the field number to specify common fields
in VI : i
inserts text to left of cursor
in vi : I
inserts text at start of line
in vi : a
appends text to right of cursor
in vi: A
appends text to end of line
in vi : o
Opens a blank line below the cursor
in vi : O
Opens a blank line above the cursor
in vi : rch
replaces the character under the cursor with ch
in vi : R
replaces text from the cursor position and to the right
in vi : s
replaces the char under the cursor with any number of characters
in vi: S
replaces the entire current line
vi edit :x
deletes a char
ci edit :4x
deletes the current char at cursor postion and 3 char to the right
vi edit :X
deletes the character to the left of the cursor
vi edit: d$
deletes from cursor position to end of line
vi edit : dd
deletes entire line
vi edit :3dd
deletes the current line and 2 under
vi edit :3dw
deletes the folowing 3 words
vi edit :Y
yanks current line
vi edit : y$
yanks from cursor to end of line
vi edit : yw
copies current word
vi edit : p
puts the deleted or copied text below the current line or to the right
vi edit : P
puts the deleted or copied text above the current line or to the left
vi edit : u
undoes last edit
vi edit : U
undoes last changes in current line since last save
searches forward for moi
searches backward for moi
chmod 666
default permissions for file
chmod 777
default permissions for directory
chmod a+w
all groups obtain write permission
chmod u+r
user group gets read permission