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User, Group, Others
bash -r
if the -r option is present, the shell becomes restricted
e2fsck with code of 4
File system errors were detected but not corrected.
e2fsck - check a Linux ext2/ext3 file system

f: force checking
p: repairs bad blocks w/o requiring user interaction
y: answers yes to all queries
n: answers no to all queries
v: displays verbose output
mkfs.xfs -d agcount=4 -l size=32m /dev/hdc9
command will create an optimized FS with the given specifications.
mkfs creates most FS
configuration file for the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) named pam_limits.

File configured to impose limits on the system usage by the users.
file contains information regarding every local or remote printer connected to a linux system.
tar -zcvf sample.tar /home/user/sampledirectory
command will compress the contents of the /home/user/sampledirectory directory using the gzip utility

z: causes tar to use gzip to compress the archive while the archive is being created and to decompress the archive when extracting files from it.
Set Group ID (SGID)
if the "s" permission is in place of the group's executable bit the file is SGID and will be executed with the permissions of the HR group.

i.e. -rwxr-sr--
sudo mount -t xfs /mnt
command will mount an XFS on the /mnt directory. The user will be prompted for a password.

-t: The argument following the -t is used to indicate the file system type.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
a symmetric key algorithm that ciphers a block length of 128 bits using a key length of 128, 192, or 256 bits. AES is reversible.
the route command is used to modify the IP routing tables managed by the kernel by using the --add parameter to add a new route and the --del parameter to delete an existing route. The -gw parameter is used to specify a gateway. There is no -network command.
rpm -qc --dump
command will display information regarding the configuration files stored in a package.

--dump: dump the information as follows

q: query

c: List only configuration files
This file is used to provide access control information to the LPRng Printer spooling. It can also be edited to manipulate the access control to the printer permissions on the LAN.
The /etc/lpd.perms
This file contains characteristics of the known file systems. File also contains a list of the file systems and their characteristics that can be currently mounted on the system if all the supported modules have been loaded
For what can the httpd.conf file not be edited?
adding mime types for different files on the server. The httpd.conf file cannot be edited for adding mime types for different files on the server.
Which command can be used to issue several Linux commands in succession w/o exiting the Vi editor?
The ':sh' command will create a sub-shell from which a user can issue multiple commands w/o exiting the current file.
Which file should you edit to create a list of sendmail e-mail aliases?
The etc/aliases file should be edited to create a list of e-mail aliases for the sendmail program.
Which parameter should be used with the 'find' command to find and display all the files that have the read, write, and execute permissions for the owner (user) of the file?
the '-type f -perm -o+rwx ls' parameter can be used with the 'find' command to find and display all the files that have the read, write, and execute permissions for the owner of the file.

file f: file is of type 'regular file'.

ex. find -type f -perm -o+rwx ls
Which parameter of the 'mkinitrd' command preloads a SCSI module named module.o and overwrites any existing image files?
-f --with=module.o

mkinitrd -f --with=module.o
Parameter should be used with 'mkinitrd' command to preload the SCSI module named module.o and to overwrite any existing image files.

-f: Allows mkinitrd to overwrite an existing image file.
Which entry needs to be entered in the etc/fstab file to remount the /var partition with the suid and sgid permissions disabled?
mount /var -o remount,nosuid

/etc/fstab is a list of the filesystem (table) that will be read at boot time.
path = /var/spool/lpd/lp
read only = yes
printable = yes
print command = lpr -r -h -P %p %s

Which line is required to be added to the file to allow clients to send print jobs to this printer?
writeable = yes
Which file contains information regarding every printer connected to a Linux system?

The etc/printcap file contains information regarding every local or remote printer connected to a Linux system
Which is not a valid parameter to be used with the 'route' command?
The '-network' parameter cannot be used with the 'route' command. To specify a target network, the '-net' parameter should be used with the 'route' command.
A system administrator wants to view information regarding the configuration files stored in a package, ipvsadm. Which command will display the given information?
rpm -qc --dump ipvsdadm

This command will display information regarding the configuration files stored in the package ipvsadm.
Which Apache directive is used to specify the type and severity of errors encountered by the Apache server?

the LogLevel directive is used to set the type and severity of errors encountered by the Apache server.
Which command should you issue to view a list of environment variables configured in a BASH shell?

This command should be issued to display a list of environment variables in a BASH shell running on a Linux system.
Which directory would most likely be on a separate partition?

Because all the locally installed software and other files are placed in the /usr/local directory.

/usr directory contains the user commands and administrative commands with sub directory.
system timer
Second serial port (COM2)
First serial port (COM1)
Sound card
floppy disk controller
First parallel port
real-time clock
IRQ 12
PS/2 mouse
IRQ 13
floating point unit/coprocessor
IRQ 14
Primary IDE
IRQ 15
Secondary IDE
A user named Alex issues the "sudo mount -t xfs /mnt" command to mount an XFS on the /mnt directory. What will be the result of issuing the command?
Alex will be prompted for his password.
Which configuration file should be edited to limit memory usage for the users of a system?
What will be the screen output of the ps -t tty3d command?
The command will display the processes executed from the tty3d terminal.
What is the function of the man -k passwd command?
to view the command names and help file descriptions containing the word passwd.

k: Equivalent to apropos
Which command can a root user use to issue a specific command repeatedly?
floppy drive controller
A user wants a script named test1 to use the contents of the test2 file as input and redirect the output to the test3 file. How can the user accomplish this?
test1<test2 | test3
What is not a true statement regarding the AES encryption algorithm?
AES is an asymmetrical key encryption algoritm.
Which system file stores the kernel configuration options?

/usr/src: contains the kernel source code.

/usr/src/linux: directory points to a directory that the kernel resides (symbolic link).
What is the mandatory section in the XFree86 configuration file?
The device section
A Linux administrator wants to restrict root user access on the /nfs exported directory. Which parameter in the /etc/exports file will ensure that everything under the /nfs exported directory is inaccessible to the root user?

The /etc/exports file controls which file systems are exported to remote hosts and specifies options.
Which directory is not an important directory that should be mounted on a partition seperate from the root file system?
Which type code will you set on a partition to make it a swap partition?
What will the bzip2 -d myfile1.txt.bz2 command do?
Uncompress the myfile1.txt.bz2 file, and delete the original file.
Which command should be issued to take an incremental backup of the /usr/home directory on a SCSI tape?
dump -1uf /dev/st0 /usr/home

dump: ext2/3 filesystem backup
Which line should you add in the /etc/fstab file to allow a non-root user to mount DOS-formatted floppy disks on /dev/fd0?
/dev/fd0 /mnt msdos user,noauto
Which command or file can be used to initialize a RAID device array?
Which utility can be used to view the manual pages for the cd command?

cd help or cd -h
Which command will enable a system administrator to view a list of all the process IDs that are using a file named rootfile?
fuser rootfile
What is a reason for editing the /etc/sudoers file?
Listing the users who have been temporarily granted the super user privileges.
Which option cannot be used with the /etc/init.d/cups command?
A user wants to take a full backup of the root directory. Which backup utility should not be used?
The gzip utility is not a backup utility, but a program to compress files/directories.
Which configuration is used to store the instructions to mount a Samba FS at boot time?
For what can the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file not be configured?
configuring the number of allowed attempts for entering a login password.
A system administrator wants to terminate all the processes accessing terminal session /dev/tty5. Which command will enable the system administrator to achieve the desired result?
fuser - identify processes using files or sockets

fuser -k /dev/tty5
Which cryptographic algorithm does not use the Cipher Block Chaining technique during encryption?
What is not a PCMCIA dependency module?
A Linux user issues the su -c rm -rf /sampledirectory/* command. What will be the outcome of the command?
Without being prompted for a password, the user will issue the rm -rf /sampledirectory/* command as a super user and then log out to the previous login identity

-c: pass a single command to the shell.
Which hexadecimal code is used for the Linux native file system?
Which cryptographic algorithm is not supported by SSH?
Which command line based setup program is used for the X Windows System?
What is the partition number for the Linux extended partition?
Which service would you restart after enabling POP3 on a RH 6.3 computer?
Which files system directory provides an alternate method for modifying the IP forward kernel parameter using the sysctl command?
tar -zcvf
tar: (tape archive) can create, add to, list, and retrieve files from an archive.

c: takes the file given on the command line and stores the named files in a new archive. Will destroy an existing archive before creating the new one.

v: lists each file as tar reads it or writes it.

f: uses filename as the name of the file/device to hold the archive.
Compresses or decompresses file. When gzip compresses a file, it adds the extension .gz. For example, compressing the file fname creates the file fname.gz and deletes the original file. 'gunzip' restores gzip files.
bzip2 compresses files using the Burrows-Wheeler block sorting text compression algorithm, and Huffman coding.
To view the help screen for the 'info' command?
info ?
Which utility can be used to view the manual pages for the 'cd' command?
cd help
Network Information Server - provides a simple network lookup service consisting of databases and processes. Its purpose is to provide information, that has to be known throughout the network, to all machines on the network. Information likely to be distributed by NIS is:

login names/passwords/home directories (/etc/passwd)

group information (/etc/group)

host names and IP # (/etc/hosts)
chmod, suid, sgid and sticky bit
While normally used with a 3-digit octal number, chmod expects a 4-digit number. The leading digit is used to set the suid bit (4), sgid bit (2), or sticky bit (1). It is assumed to be zero if only three digits are used.

This file has the suid bit set, read and execute permissions for group members, and read-only permissions for everyone else so the correct octal representation is 4754.
Xinetd should be configured to handle requests for which of the following daemons?

Xinetd is used to spawn services to handle network connections on well known TCP and UDP ports.
testparm is a very simple test program to check a smbd configuration file for internal correctness.
Which command will insert the system date in file without exiting the Vi editor?
r !date
stores the IP addresses of name servers.
What information does the /proc directory contain?
Contains advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) power management dynamic information.
What is the named.conf file?
The configuration for the DNS daemon (named.conf).

Resolv.conf is the configuration file for the DNS resolver.
What does 25G in vi editor do?
Takes the user to the 25th line.
Where is LILO installed?
In the MBR.
A user has installed and configured an internal modem to connect the workstation to the Internet.
The user claims that the modem is not connecting properly. What diagnostic tool can be used to test the modem?

minicom - friendly serial communication program.
Which command will verify that an NIS client is bound to an NIS server?
A Linux system seems to be unstable, with several services unresponsive. Before rebooting, which
of the following commands could be entered to help ensure the system restarts into a stable state?
A customer reports that his server will not allow users to retrieve their email through POP3 or connect to the server via telnet. What service needs to be restarted?
Configuring host.deny and hosts.allow will protect the server from intruders that attempt which if the following?
TCP Wrappers
Which program to add and remove modules from the Linux Kernel
What correctly formats a 3.5" floppy disk?
mkfs /dev/fd0
head command
displays the top of a file by 10 lines by default.
swapon -a
Will make the specified device available for swapping and paging.
Where can the HCL be found?
At the Linux Vendor's website.
When queried, which file will specify the order in which to resolve a domain name?
The /etc/nsswitch.conf file is used to specify the method to resolve a domain name. Linux uses a resolver library to obtain the IP address corresponding to a host name.

example of domain name resolution entry:

hosts: files dns

first check /etc/hosts and then /etc/resolv.conf.
command adds a journal to an existing ext2 file system without altering the data present on the partition.

ex. tune2fs -j <device>
lpr -Ptempora -m susan resume.doc
Command will print the document named resume.doc
mke2fs -j /dev/hda9
Command creates a Linux ext3 FS on the /dev/hda9 device.
The e2fsck command is a system administration command that is used to check ext2/ext3 file systems for bad blocks.
The cron utility uses the following format to schedule commands
minute, hour, day, month, weekday, command.


To schedule a script to run every night at 1a.m.

01*** /usr/maintscripts/myscripts
command creates a string by joining together list elements.
command turns filesystem quotas on or off.


What command would you use to make a partial restore from device (tape) /dev/nst1?
restore -if /dev/nst1
ps command
the -e switch is identical to -A.

-e: everything
-A: all
cron and crontab
crontab is used to maintain files for individual users.

cron is the daemon to execute scheduled commands.
How would you force user1's password to expire every 30 days?
chage -M 30 user1
Runs a program with modified scheduling priority.
How do you force a process to reread?
kill -1 will cause a process to reread a configuration file.

-9 will immediately kill a process

-15 will close a process after it has been cleaned up
mt command
Command controls magnetic tape drive operation.
nl command
Command will number lines of a file.
Command sets file mode creation.


default 0777

umask 222

leaves umask setting at 555
A text based tool for simple configuration of ethernet devices.
runlevel 6
The run level for reboot.
tar -tzf
The -tzf switch is used to test a zip file. Used to check the contents of a tar file.
reports file system disk usage.

-k option shows it in kilobytes.
Print lines matching pattern.

-i:ignore case
-f:obtain pattern from file.
set group identity
command displays the amount of free and used memory in the system.
sed command is stream editor for filtering and transforming text.
the s switch can be used to replace characters or groups of characters. the g switch tells the script to work globally.
How many devices are supported by USB?
The USB standard supports up to 127 devices with more to come.
tar -xzf
-xzf switch will extract a zip file.
cut command
removes sections from each line of a file.
Line printer control program. Can be used to restart a printer queue.
tee command
The tee command is used to send output to both the screen and to a file.
You want to change the user who will receive the output from cron jobs. You want the output to go to user1.
specify MAILTO=user1 at the top of the crontab.
grep -f
obtains patterns from a file.
kill command
-HUP: will cause a process to reread the configuration file

-TERM will close a process after it has been cleaned up
Ultra-Wide SCSI
Has a 16 bit bus.
Default priority processes start with?
zero (0)
The standard output reference number is?
What is the run level for a system reboot?
Standard error is referenced by what number?
sar command
Collect, report, or save system activity information.
mkswap command
Sets up a Linux swap area.
The /etc/exports file
File used for handling the Network File Server (NFS) configuration.