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KeynotesQ: Attack, defense, performance
KeynotesA: Metals
KeynotesQ: Heights and flying
KeynotesA: Metals
KeynotesQ: Egotism, Value/Valuelessness
KeynotesA: Metals
KeynotesQ: Greater need for performance in metals (direction)
KeynotesA: From lighter to heavier
KeynotesQ: 1st line of metals
KeynotesA: Kali, Calc, (. . . ) Vanadium, Chromium, Manganum, Ferrum, Cobaltum, Niccolum, Cuprum, Zincum (KCV CMF CN CZ)
KeynotesQ: 2nd line of metals
KeynotesA: Strontium, (. . . ) Rhodium, Palladium, Argentum, Cadmium, Indium, Stannum, Antimony, Tellurium (SRP ACI SAT)
KeynotesQ: 3rd line of metals
KeynotesA: Baryta, Tantalum, Tungsten, Iridium, Platina, Aurum, Mercurius, Thallium, Plumbum, Bismuthum (BTT IPA MTPB)
KeynotesQ: First four metals in line 1:
KeynotesA: Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium (STVC)
KeynotesQ: Line 1 metals, 5-8:
KeynotesA: Manganese, FERRUM, Cobalt, Nickel (MFCN)(Metals 2 through 8 (not Scandium) are used in steel making, Ferrum is basic ingredient, others are alloying elements for hardness, rust resistance etc.)
KeynotesQ: Line 1 metals, 9-12:
KeynotesA: COPPER, Zinc, Gallium, Aluminum (CZ GA)
KeynotesQ: Miasmatic tendency of first line of metals
KeynotesA: Psoric
KeynotesQ: Miasmatic tendency of second line of metals
KeynotesA: Sycotic
KeynotesQ: Miasmatic tendency of third line of metals
KeynotesA: Syhpilitic
KeynotesQ: Psoric, Attack, defense, performance
KeynotesA: 1st line of metals:
KeynotesQ: Feeling of having committed a crime, Guilt, Policeman
KeynotesA: 1st line of metals:
KeynotesQ: Size, large or small.
KeynotesA: 1st line of metals:
KeynotesQ: Restlessness, Stomach pains, Retching, Diarrhea (RS RD)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Cough, Constriction of chest, Convulsions, (CCC)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Violent cramping and spasticity, Sudden attacks
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Blue color (nail beds, lips, hands, ore)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Loathing, Anxiety, Rigidity, American Gothic, Serious (LA RAGS)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Risk averse, Law-abiding, Hard on himself and others
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Reserved, Taciturn, Closed
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Compulsive, Perfectionistic, Industrious (CPI)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Conscientious, Responsible
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Easily suppressed
KeynotesA: Cuprum (2)
KeynotesQ: Tension from anxiety with anticipation, Better being occupied
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: War and Armies (bronze)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Egotism, Need to be a general
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Rage, violent in late stages
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Hysteria, Temper tantrums, Bellowing
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Fanaticism, Desires to be magnetized, Takes in outside energy (energy drain)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Psoric miasm
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Behavioral problems (children)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Temper tantrums, striking, shrieking, biting, spitting, rage, kicking, malicious
KeynotesA: Cuprum children
KeynotesQ: Holding breath from anger until turn blue
KeynotesA: Cuprum children
KeynotesQ: Doesn't want to play, timid
KeynotesA: Cuprum children
KeynotesQ: Averse to being caressed, Didn't have good contact with parents or others
KeynotesA: Cuprum children
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 1: Ailments from -
RubricsA: Anger (2), Anticipation (2), Approach, Excitement (2), Fright (2), Work (3) (AAA EFW)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 2:
RubricsA: Anger (3)Temper tantrums, violent, Anguish (2)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 3:
RubricsA: Answer: Aversion to, Reflects long (2)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 4:
RubricsA: Anticipation, Anxiety: Abdomen (3), Before fits (3), Paroxysms (2), Health about (AAA BPH)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 5:
RubricsA: Busy, Cautious, Censorious, Change, aversion to
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 6:
RubricsA: Company, aversion to, Conscientious about trifles, Consolation aggravates
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 7:
RubricsA: Contradict, disposition to, Contrary, Deceitful (2)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 8:
RubricsA: Delirium: Bellowing, Violent (2), Maniacal (2)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 9:
RubricsA: Delusions: Arrested, about to be, Die, he is about to, Engaged in some occupation, Fainting
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 10:
RubricsA: Delusions: General, he is, Great person, he is, Officer, he is, Person of rank, he is
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 11:
RubricsA: Delusions: He will lose (3), Persecuted, he is, Pursued by police, Pursued by enemies, Thieves
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 12:
RubricsA: Dementia of epileptics, Destructiveness
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 13:
RubricsA: Dictatorial - talks with an air of command
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 14:
RubricsA: Escape, attempts to (2), Run away (2)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 15:
RubricsA: Fanaticism, Fastidious
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 16:
RubricsA: Fears: Accidents, Others approaching, Children - at night, Dark(2), Death (2) (AOCD)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 17:
RubricsA: Fears: Before convulsions (3), Failure, Fire, things will catch, Insanity, Misfortune, People (BFF IMP)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 18:
RubricsA: Fears: Robbers, Self control, losing, Strangers (FRSS)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 19:
RubricsA: Fears: Tread lightly or will injure himself, Undertaking anything new
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 20:
RubricsA: Grimaces (2), Hard disposition, Hatred, Haughty (GG HH)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 21:
RubricsA: Hide, desire to, Hysteria - menses before, Imbecility, Importance, feels his own (HH II)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 22:
RubricsA: Independent, Insanity (2), Desire to escape (2), Malicious (2) (II DM)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 23:
RubricsA: Laughing aggravates, Laughing immoderately, Looked at, cannot bear to be
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 24:
RubricsA: Magnetized, ameliorates (3), Malicious (2), Mania (2), Misanthropy (MMMM)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 25:
RubricsA: Mania (2), Misanthropy, Moaning (2), Monomania, Occupation ameliorates (MMMM O)
RubricsQ: Cuprum mind rubrics 26:
RubricsA: Offended easily, Pertinacity, Play, aversion to, in children,