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toss into
If you toss something somewhere, you throw it there lightly and carelessly.
He took the bag and tossed it into some nearby bushes.
to be floored
If a remark or question floors you, you are so surprised or confused by it that you cannot answer it.
She was floored when she heard his voice on the phone because she had thought he was dead.
If you beg someone to do something, you ask them anxiously or eagerly to do it.
I begged him to stay, but he wouldn't.
He begged for help.
A generous person gives more of something, especially money, than is usual or expected.
That's very generous of you.
They aren't very generous with pensions.
If you initiate something, you cause it to start.
We should initiate talks with the two countries who are at war.
You can use either in a negative statement to refer to each of two things when you are emphasizing that the negative statement includes both of them.
`Which one do you want?'--`I don't want either.'
She could not see either man.
cope with
If you cope with a problem, task, or difficult situation, you deal with it successfully.
Natallia and her husband coped with all their problems cheerfully.
make up your mind
to decide or resolve to do something.
He made up his mind to be a better person.
A coin is a small piece of metal used as money.
You need to have meny coins to do your laundry in a laundromat
Someone who is greedy wants more of something than is necessary or fair.
People got richer and also greedier.
A swallow is a small bird with pointed wings
a kind of vegetable with a hard shell and seeds inside
If a place floods, it becomes covered with water.
When we took the plug out the kitchen flooded.
The rice fields were flooded.
If people are starving, they are suffering from a serious lack of food and are likely to die.
People are starving because of inefficient farming methods.
An axe is a tool used for cutting wood. It consists of a blade attached to the end of a long handle.
put aside
If you put something aside, you keep it to deal with or use at a later time.
Your best plan is to put aside funds to cover these bills.