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11Seven player game. You are BB with Ac 10c. Johnny posts in the cutoff, he is competent and plays a solid quiet game. He is fairly timid and loose preflop. UTG is Bizarre, he makes many odd plays, typically playing his good hands too passively and his mediocre hands too aggressively, he is also too loose preflop. Bizarre raises. Hyp- Folded to Johnny he 3 bets. Button and sb fold. $130 in pot, $40 to you.
Fold- Johnny is solid, you are likely dominated, two cold is too much to pay.
12Actual Play- Folded to Johnny who calls. Button and sb fold. $110 to $20
call- reraising is to frisky out of position with an unpredictable player to your right.
13You call, flop comes 10h-8h-6d. $130 to $20
it would be horrible to give a free card on this coordinated board. If you check you don’t know bizarre will bet. If he does and you cr you are not getting anyone out.
14You bet and Bizarre raises. Johnny calls two cold. $230 to $20
cant fold. You might be winning but you shouldn’t raise. Bizarre has a wide range and Johnny has something decent. It is better to see the turn instead of escalating the pot. You can fold if something like the 7h comes.
15You call. The turn is 10h-8h-6d-6s. $250-$40
Good time to bet since 6s probably didn’t help anyone. At least one opp has a drawing hand and maybe both do. If you check you might give a free card. You would call, so you might as well bet.
16Hypothetical 1- you bet, bizarre calls, Johnny raises. $410 to $20
Johnny has a hand and you should fold. You and bizarre showed strength but Johnny is a solid player and is raising you both. At least he has a 6, maybe more. You cant have enough outs to continue.
17Hypothetical 2-you bet, Bizarre raises. Johnny calls. $450 to $40
probably behind but now- better pot oddsd, raise is from an unpredictable player, Johnny probably has a drawing hand, bizarre could be drawing or have a good hand but if he has an overpair besides aces you could have 5 outs= pot odds.
18Actual- you bet, both call.
you bet the turn and didn’t get raised, you are almost certainly ahead. Bet the river.
19Hypothetical- river 10h-8h-6d-6-s-3c, $370 to $40
it is unlikely the king helped anyone. They will call because the pot is big.
21Ten player 15-30. You in MP with As-Ks. Cutoff is Madness, a LAG. BB is Rabbit-loose passive, timid. Folded to you. $25 to 15
you want a headsup pot-raise
22hyp- you raise, Madness calls, Rabbit raises. $115-$15
3-betting from the blind is a strong move. Seeing the flop for 1 bet is better than getting frisky with a raise. But raising isn’t horrible.
23actual you raise, both call. Flop Qs-10c-4c. Rabbit checks. $100-15
betting is better than checking because the flop is scary for mediocre hands such as small pairs. Even against a pair you have as many as 10 outs, which give you 40% pot equity.
24hyp- you bet, madness raises, rabbit 3-bets. $190-30
You don’t have 10 outs here. Rabbit, who is timid 3 bet out of position and madness likes his hand too. Your only clean out is a J and Jc is tainted b/c it puts a 3 flush and sets up redraws even if it doesn’t give a flush. Time to fold.
25actual you bet madness folds, rabbit Check-raises you. $145-15
you have pot odds with 7 outs. Raising is better, it will frighten the timid rabbit and get him to check turn, then you can take your free card or pursue semo-bluff. Small bet is cheap price for this.
26hyp-you raise, rabbit caps, you call. Turn is Qs-10c-4c-2h, rabbit bets. $250-$30
Rabbit has a strong hand. You are representing A-Q or something similar. It is likely your only out is a jack, and you don’t have pot odds.
27hyp-you raise rabbit calls. Turn- Qs-10c-4c-10s, rabbit checks, $190-30
You probably have as many as 21 outs. 10 is a good scare card and you should pursue your semi-bluff. A bet might convince Rabbit to fold a mediocre queen.
28actual-you raise, rabbit calls. Turn- Qs-10c-4c-8h. Rabbit checks. $190-30
8h may have helped the rabbit if he has q-j or q-9 he has picked up a gutshot draw, or q-8 two pair. Even if he didn’t he wont think the 8 helped you. A bet wont make him fold and he may raise. Taking a free card is best.
28you check- River Qs-10c-4c-8h-Jc, rabbit bets. $220-30
he could have flush but it isn’t likely on the play. He isn’t he kind of player to CR you on the flop with a drawing hand. He sees no reason why you should have a 9 in you hand and is betting for value.
31Eight players 15-30. In cutoff with As-Jh. Button is MrRock, a solid, tight, passive. BB is volcano, a maniac, only raises or folds. Preflop it is passed to you.
you likely have the best hand, take the blinds.
32you raise mrRock 3bets. Sb folds. Volcano caps. $145-30.
not too concerned about volcano but mrrock has either AK, AA, AA, KK, QQ maybe only 1010 or 99 if your lucky. He has position on you. But your getting 5-1 so call.
33 you call, so does mrrock. Flop 2c-7s-7h. Volcano bets out. $205-$15.
Pot is almost 14-1 if you call so don’t fold. If you raise to pressure mrrock, and he just calls, you wont know anything since he would do that with anything less than a big pair. He might call with ak or aq. Wait to see if he just calls and see the turn.
34hyp you call. Mrrock raises, volcano 3 bets. $280-30
your way behind here, mrrock who is passive raised and volcano although hes a maniac, raised OOP. Pot is 5-1 you need 5 good outs, but you don’t have them.
35you call, mrrock calls. Turn 2c-7s-7h-10d. Volcano bets. $265-30
Calling is horrible. Raising is an excellent semi-bluff. There is a decent chance your ahead of volcano, your raise may force mrrock to fold Ak, AQ, or even 99 or 88. If he has an overpair he will call but then he probably would have raised the flop.
36hyp you raise, mrrock folds, volcano calls. River 2c-7s-7h-10d-3h, volcano checks
you wont get called by a had you can beat so just check. He will call AQ or AK.
37hyp you raise, mrrock folds, volcano calls. River 2c-7s-7h-10d-10h, volcano bets
This sudden bet after only calling the turn raise, looks fishy. You are beating low pairs here so call.
38hyp you raise, mrrock folds, volcano calls. River 2c-7s-7h-10d-jd, vol bets
You may be splitting or winning if he has K-j or Q-j. He probably only is ahead with J-10. He probably wont RR since he will be afraid of a 7 so go ahead and raise.
41Nine players, 20-40. BB with As-6s. Charlie, a LP is in MP, stays in too long with bad hands. Cutoff is Dangerous. Tight/aggressive but not sophisticated. 4hyp now dangerous is mp and open-raises. Charlie calls two cold in the cutoff. Folded to you.
best to fold, but calling isn’t bad. you don’t have a great hand and you will need to be careful postflop.
42hyp now dangerous is mp and open-raises. Charlie calls two cold in the cutoff. Folded to you, but now you have As-6h.
Now that the hand is offsuit, you are likely dominated and the only flop that will be good is 6-6. best to fold now.
43actual play- Charlie limps, dangerous raises. Button and sb muck. $90-20
Now an easy call. Charlie only limped originally, so he could have garbage. Dangerous might isolation raise with a lot of hands so you ace may be the best hand.
44are you more inclined to get into the pot in question 1 or question 3
The betting suggests that your opponents have better hands in #1 than in #3. Dangerous is open-raising from a worse position and Charlie is calling two cold instead of limping.
45you call, Charlie calls, flop 8c-6d-3s, hypothetical dangerous is in mp and Charlie is in cutoff. $130-20
There is a good chance your winning here so you need to protect your hand. If you check, dangerous will probably bet, and then Charlie will have an easy call even with random overcards. You could then raise, but noone would probably fold. Betting is best since dangerous is so aggro, it is likely that he will raise, pushing out Charlie.
46you call, Charlie calls, same as before. $130-20
CR is the best way to put pressure on Charlie. Charlie will probably check, then if dangerous bets, you can CR.
47you check, Charlie checks, dangerous bets. $150-20
as planned
48you raise, Charlie folds, dangerous calls., turn 8c-6d-3s-Ah, $210-40
You have hit a major hand, now decide how to extract the most bets. Go for the bet-3bet hoping dangerous has connected with the ace. If you check, and he didn’t hit it, he might check behind. If he has a big pair, he has a lot of outs and this is dangerous.
49you bet dangerous raises, $330-40
Your probably winning here, but you could easily be outdrawn, make him pay to do it.
490you raise, dangerous calls. River 8c-6d-3s-Ah-8h. $450-40
Now your probably behind, don’t bet.
491you check, dangerous now bets. $490-40
must make a crying call in the big pot.
51six player 15-30 game. Button with Ac-8h. Tiger in BB is a semi –LAG but not a maniac. Passed to you $25-15
your holding is sufficient to open raise on the button vs two random hands.
52which would you prefer to raise on the button with here? Ac-8h, Qd-Js, or 2c-2h?
It is the Q-J that is the best playing hand here. Most likely, one will fold, you will bet the flop, if they call, the hardest hand to play is the 2’s. You might keep firing, you cant tell what they have. A-8 is easier to play. If you make a pair you will call to the river at least, maybe get more aggro. You can get away from a scary board. But Q-J is the best. If you have a pair, you are in good shape. If you have no pair, and there is an overcard, you can get away easily. You might even get two overs+gutshot. Also QJ is more likely to get payed off than A-8 because you are expected to have an A.
53hypo you raise, sb folds, tiger 3 bets. $85-15
No reason not to see that pot and no reason to raise.
54you raise, sb folds, tiger calls. Flop Ad-9c-2c. $70-15
You are likely ahead here, no reason not to bet.
55hyp you bet, Charlie is in BB instead of tiger, Charlie raises 115-15
Against Charlie it is best to reraise. This might make him back down, and you might be able to take a free card on the turn. It is not certain he is beating you, and it is important to keep the initiative.
56you bet, tiger raises. 115-15
You are heads-up and have top pair so you aren’t folding. Tiger’s raise could mean a wide range. Against someone so aggro I prefer to just call and lead the turn. If you raise and are reraised and he leads the turn, you get pushed off the winning hand.
57 hyp turn Ad-9c-2c-Ah tiger bets. 160-30
You might be losing but probably not because, If he had a better ace then he is playing at least A-10, and with such a hand he would probably have 3-bet preflop. He could also have A-9, A-2, 99 or 22, but that is not a lot of combos. He would probably wait to CR the turn with hands like these. More likely he has two clubs or possibly a weaker ace.
58 actual turn Ad-9c-2c-3c, tiger bets, 160-30
Raising is best, there is a fair chance you are ahead, and you have a decent number out outs even if he made the flush or two pair.
59 hyp you raise, tiger 3 bets. 280-30
You need to improve but you have 7 outs vs a flush and easily have odds to call.
590 actual you raise, tiger calls. River Ad-8c-2c-3c-Kh tiger checks 250-30
You have a classic free showdown, so take it. You could have won more bets if you improved, but you didn’t, so take your free showdown.
61nine player 15-30. BB with 7h-4c. Everyone is loose and passive. Hyp you are in the SB not BB. EP limps and MP calls. $55-5
with odds this good, you should call with almost anything. You will be able to steal some flops, even with garbage.
62hyp 2 same as before but with two extra limpers 85-5
getting 17-1, you are 3.5% to make two pair, trips, or something even better, or a draw, making a call justified.
63actual your back in the bb. Ep limps, mp calls. Sb calls. 60-15
64hyp flop Ks-10h-4s, sb checks. 60-15
Your hand is too feeble to bet. Anyone with a king or a 10 is certain to call. Various straight and flush draw possibilities. Anyone with a flush draw will probably raise too, and you cant take any heat with this hand.
65hyp flop2 Kc-7h-2s. Sb checks. 60-15
Now a bet is justified. Only one overcard and no hint of a draw anywhere. You can fold to any aggression. If noone has a king you might take down the pot.
66hyp flop3 5s-6h-Kc. Sb checks, you check, ep checks, mp bets. Sb folds. 75-15
you hit a decent hand, time to apply some pressure. You have a 32% chance of making the straight. Excellent time for a semi-bluff check-raise. Keep firing on the turn. Remember if they paired the 5 or 6, which gives you 3 outs for the 7.
67actual flop Qh-8c-2s. sb checks. 60-15
Check. The two high cards are too close together. If it was q-6, then a bet would be more justifiable.
68 you check turn Qh-8c-2s-2d
There is 60 in the pot and someone has to take it. If they were more aggressive, you should worry, but they are passive and didn’t bet the flop. It is unlikely that the two helped anyone, it didn’t create a two flush. You are getting 2-1 on your bet and you will take the money at least 50% of the time.
69you bet, hyp river Qh-8c-2s-2d-Jc
check, firing againt cant be justified. It is impossible to construct a hand that you wont call with here. The only possible draw was a gutshot with two cards between q and 8. If this was the case they have at least a pair of jacks.
71-10 player 15-30. Mp with Ac-Kh. Cut-off is tortoise, who is awful, and unpredictable. SB is Dennis who is good. BB is Athens, an unknown. Folded round to you. 25-15
72hyp-you raise Tortoise calls, Dennis too, Athens RR. 135-15.
you must call, but raising is bad b/c Athens might have a good hand to 3-bet oop. A raise probably wont force out T or D. you might have a bad position on the flop and have to respond to a bet from A before the other two act behind you.
73 you raise, everyone calls., flop Ad-5h-Jd. Dennis and Athens check. 120-15
You have TPTK, probably ahead, but flop is two high, two diamonds, with four players on the flop. Check-raising is horrible b/c a check-through is terrible and your hand isn’t really strong enough to CR.
74you bet, tortoise raises, dennis calls. Athens folds. 195-15
Don’t worry too much about T your probably ahead of him. Dennis is a worry b/c he called two cold. But since hes good if he was ahead he would probably 3-bet. No reason to think your not ahead so raise.
75you raise, both call. Turn Ad-5h-Jd-10c. Dennis checks. 255-30
10 isnt good but you have to bet to find out where you are. If you check and someone else bets you wont know anything. Better to keep the initiative.
76 you bet. Tortoise raises. Dennis calls. 405-30
It looks bad, but the pot is huge and you have odds to call. Getting 13-1 and have value to try for a queen on the river, even though it might be a split pot. If T only has two-pair and D a flush draw you have even more outs and an easy call. If either has a straight you have only 3 outs, but T is erratic and D could be on a draw. Your call also closes the betting.
77you call. River Ad-5h-Jd-10c-2c, dennis checks. 435-30
don’t bet.
78hyp-you check, Tortoise bets, dennis calls 495-30
fold. Dennis is a good player and has called.
79you check, tortoise bets, dennis raises, 525-60
raise is slightly suspicious, but still cant call.
790dennis did three things in this hand with KQs- called the flop, called turn with nuts, cred river did he play poor, reasonable, good, or very good?
poor: his flop call was poor. His only out was a 10. you might have Rred. Two flush tainted 10d, and created redraws. Slowplaying the turn was poor. By just calling he gave you odds to call with a two pair or flush draw, and is losing bets when you have a set. The pot was too big for this. His river play was doubtful too.
791what did you learn about turn raises?
When a normal player raises you on the turn in the above hand, you can be fairly sure you are behind and have few outs. But when it comes from a wild player, you need to be more circumspect. Don’t make tough folds when the pot is big. It wins you little and can lose you a lot if your wrong.
81-10 player 15-30 game. SB with 10s-9s. David in MP and George on BB are normal players. John is button, good player, but loose pf. David limps, John too. 55-20. hyp-you have Kc-Qh
good hand to raise with here. If a king or Q comes, you are good and if an A comes, you can bet and get away from it if anyone shows interest. Also keeps G from a free flop.
82actual you have 10c-9c
no reason to raise, now you have a drawing hand so you don’t care if george gets a free flop.
83hyp you call, george checks. Flop 9s-6-h-5s, 60-15, had David limped, john raised, everyone calls. Now its 120-15
84 you call, george checks. Flop 9s-6-h-5s, 60-15
what do you want to achieve? You have a decent hand that may/may not be ahead. You need to protect it in case its winning. Make sure drawing hands aren’t getting good odds(K-Q or 5-4, 6 and 5 outs) There is 120 in the pot so if you just bet, they have an easy call. If John raises your bet, they still are getting good odds. Better to cr john. With only 60 in the pot, entirely different situation. Now if you bet out, they are making a mistake by calling. If you try to cr here, it might get checked through(bad).
85 you bet, D and G fold, J raises. 105-15
3 betting isnt horrible, but there are a lot of draws, why not wait to see the turn, any spade, 7, 8, or ace would be bad. A 5, 6, or random over might be bad too. Need to bear in mind that if he has a nine too, it is likely he has you outkicked (a9, K-9, J-9 are all possible)
86turn 9s-6h-5s-3h, 120-30
bet. Unlikely the three helped him. If he was drawing he hasn’t been helped. We have a good hand and it is a dangerous board to give a free card.
87hyp you bet and instead of john, Ben a weak passive is there, who raises, 210-30
If you get raised here by a passive player you are beat and need to fold. He could have a lot of hands that beat you(5-5,66,5-6,7-8,a-9,k-9) he wont semi-bluff raise here either.
88actual, you bet, john raises. 210-30
It is possible you are losing, but he could have a mediocre made hand with a good draw, ex-a low pair+flush draw. You have 7-1 and you beat enough of his range is big enough to call here.
89 you call, river 9s-6h-5s-3h-Qh. 240-30
checking is the best play, you don’t want to call a raise.
890you check, john checks. John had 9d-8d, how did he play?
he played it well, his turn raise was good.
91 player, 20-40 game. BB with 55. The man is in the cutoff, tight, agg, and hard to read. He open-raises. Button and sb fold. Hyp he is UTG and raises, everyone folds, 70-20
calling isn’t terrible, but open raise utg too big a chance your dominated by a bigger pair. If not, you will have to call all the way down against a high-low-low flop or high-med. Too hard to play pf so fold it.
92 hyp-pussycat is in cutoff not Theman, he is soft and weak. He open-raises, folded to you. 70-20.
vs a weak player it is better to raise so that it will be easier to play pf. If you raise and flop comes A-9-3, and you bet and get called/raised, you can get away from the hand. If you just called pf, check flop and he bets, you don’t know where you are. So it is easier to make a mistake. Also, whoever takes control is who will win when the neither side has much.
93 now theman is again in cutoff, open raises, folded to you. 70-20
oop vs a good player, better to see a cheap flop here. He wont be impressed by a 3bet and may cap here with anything. It is harder to take the initiative from him, so less to be gained by raising. He has a wide range of hands here.
94you call, flop Jh-6h-3c. 90-20 hyp-put pussycat back in, now what?
we didn’t 3 bet pf so the best way to gain initiative is by betting out. A check-raise might be over the top.
95 actual-the man again 90-20
cr seems over-aggro for you modest holding. If you cr and a bad(high) turn card comes, you have to bet out, but must fold to a raise. If you bet out here, he might raise with almost anything, or trap you with a good hand. Check-call seems to be best here
96 you check, he bets, you call. hyp turn Jh-6s-3c-Ah, 130-40
You are almost always beaten here, it is probably best to give up. You fold the best hand once in awhile, but you still have to fold.
97you check, he bets, you call. Turn- Jh-6s-3c-2h. 130-40
The turn card is good, giving you four extra outs to a straight if you need them. If you check, he might check behind, and you don’t want him to hit an overcard.
98 hyp-you bet he raises. 250-40
If you call and the river is a blank you will have to call another bet so it is 290-80, assuming he bets the river. However, the combination of your six outs + the chance he is semibluffing/bluffing makes calling a preferable play. Also you have metagame considerations to folding to his turn raise.
99 actual you bet he calls. River Jh-6s-3c-2h-Jd
990what did you learn about calling down here in a steal situation.
sometimes the turn card is helpful to you and unlikely to help the opponent. Take the bet and don’t give them a free card.
101 10 player 15-30. Small Blind with Qc-6s. Players are too loose preflop and post flop, calling along with all kinds of holdings. Cyclops is in BB. UTG limps, two middle players limp, button limps. 85-5. hyp say you have 7s-2c
getting 17-1 I would play anything.
102 back to Qc-6s
still 17-1 so call. But know when to dump it.
103 you call, Cyclops raises. Everyone calls. 165-15. hyp
you have 7s-2c
104 you you have Qc-6s again
still fold. Best result is a queen high flop but you still might be behind.
105 you call. Flop is Qh-Qc-4h. 180-15
two key issues- if you are losing, this is a trap hand and you have maybe 3 outs. It will be hard to dump, but if you are trapped, you don’t want to lose any more money than necessary. If you are winning, you want to make flush draws pay heavily. If you bet, Cyclops will probably raise. This will confront your opps with a double bet, they are weak, but they will be making a mistake by calling unless they have a queen or a flush draw. If you check, he will bet and they will call and it will be hard to tell where you stand. So a bet is more likely to clarify the situation. Also there is a small possibility it will be checked around, which would be horrible since there is a two flush on the board.
106 you check, everyone checks. Turn is Qh-Qc-4h-3d. 180-30
your check went badly, you need to bet, cyclop’s check might mean he wanted to CR but you still have to bet here.
107 you bet, Cyclops raises. Two folds, mp –softee, calls. 330-30.
You have to consider what they have here. What could be beating you? Cyclops probably doesn’t have a queen, since he raised pf oop and most likely has a big pair. It is unlikely mrsoftee has a queen. If he did it would be strange to check the flop. It smells like he has a flush draw, although 6-5 is possible. You probably have the best hand so you should raise.
108 you raise, Cyclops caps. Softee calls. 510-30
Cant fold now..
109you call, hyp river Qh-Qc-4h-3d-6h, 540-30
checking is best since, cyclops will probably bet and mr softee might raise. If you bet, Cyclops might only call b/c of the three flush. My softee probably wont raise.
1090 you call real river Qh-Qc-4h-3d-9h
You cant bet/fold since the pot is so big so check/call.
you check, Cyclops checks, softee checks. Softee has 8h-5h. did he make a mistake by not betting the river?
111 10 player 20-40. Your in BB with Kc-Jh. UTG is Vienna, you don’t know much, he seems reasonable. SB is Porkie. He seems pretty loose preflop. Post-flop he is unconventional but not bad. Hyp preflop-Vienna open raises, porkie calls. 100-20.
best to fold, your probably dominated in a full-ring game. A-K, A-J, K-Q,Q-Q,JJ all leave you with one card to draw to, plus AA, KK.
112actual preflop Vienna limps, porkie raises. 80-20.
decent call, folding is weak, raising is over the top.
113 you call, Vienna calls. Flop Jc-9d-3d, porkie bets, 140-20
have to raise here. Don’t wait till the turn because then Vienna can complete with all kinds of hands. Much harder for him to call a double bet.
114 you raise hyp – Vienna 3 bets, porkie caps. 300-40
it is possible one is on a diamond draw, but the other probably has you beat with a set , overpair, J-9, or A-J or a set. Getting 7.5 to 1 and you have at most 5 outs. Two of your outs are tainted by the flush. Fold.
115actual- you raise Vienna folds, porkie calls. Turn Jc-9d-3d-5c, porkie bets, 240-20
why is he donking? He probably has a decent holding that he thinks is winning and doesn’t want to give a free card. He can also see that if I was on a flush or straight draw it missed. Or he he a flush now himself and is semi-bluffing. In either case your probably ahead so raise.
116 you raise, he calls. Hyp river Jc-9d-3d-5c-5d, porkie checks, 360.
5 creates a pair and a three flush but it isn’t really that scary. Even though he bet the turn a five is unlikely for him Also unlikely to have a diamond flush since he probably would have 3 bet the flop instead of betting out on the turn. Bet.
117 you raise he calls. Real river Jc-9d-3d-5c-8c. porkie checks, 360
the 8c is bad- a flush now made it, also Q-10. J-8, J-9 are possible. Checking and calling is better.
118 you bet he CR’s you. 480-40
have to call, but your not going to win…
121 7 player, 15-30. BB with Ac-Ks. Don’t know anyone, but the game is rather passive with a lot of looseness and calling. Heatwave is UTG and limps. Munster in SB calls. 45. Assume you have Ks-Qh
They will limp with anything, you have a decent holding, make them pay to see a flop.
122 now you have Qs-Jh
much worse than Ks-Qh, still these players are passive and may pay you off if you have TP, especially in a raised pot.
123 now you have Js-10h
Your hand is now too weak to justify a raise. You may even be losing to both opponents. There is also more chance of you making a pair with an overcard appearing on the flop. This will make the hand harder to play.
124 now you have Ac-Ks
No brainer
125 you raise, both call. Hyp flop-10d-9s-8c, munster checks. 90-15
about as bad a flop as you can get. Usually you would bet here to try and take down the pot, but if either of them has a queen, J, 10,9, 8, 7, or 6 the will call at least. Also, since munster checked, there is a good chance heatwave will check and you will get to see the turn for free.
126 you raise, both call. Real flop- 10c-6s-3c, munster checks
Considering the flop missed you, this is not too bad, and you need to bet. There is a decent chance both opponents will fold. Even if one did it would be good.
127 you bet, both call. Hyp turn 10d-6s-3d-Qs-munster checks, 135-30
You picked up a gutshot and if someone has a pair you have 10 possible outs. This is enough to keep up the pressure. The queen is not likely to have helped anyone. You would call a bet, so bet yourself. If they were tricky, and might raise with a lot of hands, then a check would be better here, so you wont get pushed off a hand with a lot of outs. If you get raised here though, you possibly only have 4 straight outs, which isn’t enough.
128 you bet, both call, hyp turn 2 – 10d-6s-3d-8s 135-30
This one is worse than before, since the 8 doesn’t help you but probably helped someone else. Anyone calling with a gutshot to make 10 high straight has at least a pair and a gutshot draw, and is going to ther river. Anyone with 10-9 or 7-6. Check and hope for a free card.
129 you bet, both call, real turn 10d-6s-3d-3c, 135-30
The 3 probably didn’t help so keep up the pressure.
1290 you bet, hheatwave calls, munster folds, river 10d-6s-3d-3c-2c, 195-30
no reason to bet here as anyone who calls you is beating you. He wont lay down a better hand either. But he may bluff a worse hand so check.
1291you check, heatwave bets, 225-30
only need to win one in seven times. No reason to raise.
1292 you call, heatwave shows 9d-7d, how did he play?
horrible- should have folded preflop, should have raised on the flop, and bet the turn, or raise the turn instead of calling. River bet was hopeless since you raise preflop slightly oop and bet every street- your not going to fold now.
131 10 player, 20-40, cutoff with Ac-Js. Button is Dmitri, tight and a little too aggressive. Passed around to you pf, 30-20
132 you raise dmitri 3-bets. Both blinds fold. 130-20
Call of course.
133you call, flop Js-10h-4c, you have Ac-Js. 150-20
Slightly more inclined to bet. It is likely that he will raise with overcards if you bet, since he will think he has 7 to 10 outs with AK or AQ. Go for the bet-3bet.
134 You check-raise him. He three-bets. 250-20
We know he is aggro, so don’t be surprised at the 3bet. There are many hands that you are beating that he would play this way- AK, AQ, A-10, KQ, and K-J. You are behind AA-1010 and J10(not likely).
135 you cr him, he calls.
turn Js-10h-4c-9h, 230-40
136 you bet, hyp he raises you, 350-40
Time to go into call-down mode. If he has KQ,JJ,1010 you have not outs. He is aggro and might be semibluffing here since the 9h creates various draws for some of his likely holdings. If he has Ah-Kh, or Ah-Qh he has picked up 4 more outs as an 8 now makes a straight. If he has KK, or QQ we have 5 outs, which would be enough to call on pot odds. The raise is bad, but the pot is big enough to continue. He may be semibluffing or he may be playing an overpair where you have outs.
137 you bet, he calls. River Js-10h-4c-9h-Ah, 310-40
This probably didnt give him a winning hand. The only plausible flush draw that came in is Kh-Qh, and if he had this he would have raised the turn. Also behind to AA, but there is only 1! Combination, and he probably would raise the turn. Just bet instead of going for the CR since he might get suspicious even with AK or AQ. K-J and Q-J will make a crying call.
138 you bet, he raises, 430-40
The raise is puzzling. You probably only losing to a slowplayed Kh-Qh or 10-10. This isn’t his style though. Also it would be a bad play to slowplay those hands. He probably isn’t making a hopeless bluff. He probably thinks the A made him a winning hand and is raising for value. He probably got carried away with top pair. The only likely hand your losing to is AA, you are ahead of much of his plausible range so raise for value.
141 10 players, 20-40. UTG with Kc-Ks. Good game with 4-5/flop. Loose and passive chasers. Banjo/ Gazza in mp are like this. Hellraiser in BB, decent player. Hyp- it is a tight tough game, 30-20
in these tight games if you open-raise utg, people wont call. Better to limp RR. KK is borderline for this play.
142 now your in MP in the loose game.
Ok to Raise here.
143 actual game, 30-20
No point in limping, you will get action no matter what. Don’t let them in cheap with them suited connectors.
144 you raise, banjo and gazza call, hellraiser too. Flop Qc-9h-8c, 170-20.
kind of an ugly flop. A two flush + 3 high straight cards. Not a time to give free cards.
145 you bet, B and G call, hellraiser Check-raises. 270-20.
there are a lot of really bad turn cards that can come, so better to call and wait to see the turn. If you thought B/G would fold then a raise would be good but they will be getting the right price to call with weak draws.
146 hyp everyone calls, turn Qc-9h-8c-10d. hell bets, 370-40.
It is a long shot that noone has a jack. Even in this unlikely event, someone could easily have two-pair or a set. And you have few outs against them. If B/G were tough and could fold, then a raise might be ok.
147 everyone calls actual turn- Qc-9h-8c-4d, hell bets. 370-40
Here is why it was better to wait instead of raising the flop. The 4 is good for you, and now they are getting much worse odds to call after you raise. They are getting 450-80=5.5-1 so they need 8-9 outs to make it correct. If you get them out your equity will increase a lot by folding hands lke A9, A8, QT, or T9.
148you raise, banjo folds, gazza calls, hell calls. River Qc-9h-8c-4d-9d. Hell checks, 570-40
Someone could have a nine and you will have to call if you get raised, but they will also have to call your bet with worse hands so bet out.
151 Eight player, 20-40 game. Two off the button with 9c-9s. Button is babyjane, a soft weak player, who is rather loose before and after the flop. BB is volcano, a maniac. Hyp preflop. Jackson a sensible player, open-raises UTG. Passed to you, 70-40.
99s aren’t good enough vs a sensible Ep raiser with four players left to act. Best to fold.
152 Hyp preflop 2- Jackson limps UTG, passed to you. 50-20
probably have the best hand and want to put pressure on those left to act. Decent chance of you holding up vs one or two opponents, but the more players in the more chance you will need to flop a set. So raise.
153 Hyp preflop 3- A loose, aggressive player open raises one spot ahead of you. 70-40.
calling isn’t good as stated above. But it is very close between raising and folding. If headstrong has random high cards, it is likely they are both higher than a nine, so you are 50/50 to hold up by the river. But raising takes the initiative and there is blind money to be played for. Raise because he is loose and aggressive.
154 Actual preflop- Passed to you. 30-20.
You must raise here since you are so vulnerable to overcards on the flop. You don’t want to limp in and let them come in cheaply so they can outdraw you.
155 You raise, baby calls. Sb folds, volcano 3 bets. 150-20.
If you could be sure a raise would fold baby, then it would be good, but baby is unlikely to fold now. Just call.
156You call, so does baby. Flop Jc-Jh-3s. Volcano bets, 210-20
If noone has a jack you are probably ahead, but you are very vulnerable to overcards on the turn or river. You need to raise to try to get baby to fold high cards.
157 you raise, baby calls, volcano reraises. 330-20.
There are no drawing possibilities on this flop and baby called two cold and volcano raised again. Assuming baby calls, there is 350-20 odds. You almost have odds for the two nines, and implied odds are good because a nine will not look dangerous.
158 you call, baby calls. Hyp turn-Jc-Jh-3s-9h. volano bets, 410-40
what is the best way to get the most money? If babyjane has a jack he will at least call and probably raise. If he just calls, volcano may reraise with AJ or something. Raising could gain a lot of bets. No reason to slowplay so raise.
159 you call, baby calls. Actual turn- Jc-Jh-3s-4h, volcano bets 410-40.
You are losing for sure here. Volcanoe is a maniac, but sometimes they get hands. He three bet out of position and led out on this board. He either has a big pair or a jack. Also baby called two cold on the flop, which is typical for weak player that want to raise the turn. A tricky player would three bet to disguise his hand. Since you are losing, you have two outs. 22-1 against. The pot would need to be 880. plus baby may raise if you call. Fold.
1590 you fold, baby calls. River Jc-Jh-3s-4h-8d. Vol bets with Kh-Jd, which hand would you like Baby to hold? Qc-Js, Ac-Js, or 8s-8h?
You want volcano to lose so that he may go on tilt.
160 6 player, 20-40, cutoff with 8c-7c. Soft players that go to the river with bad holdings. The button, bullyboy is like this, although a little more aggro. Dave is BB and short-stacked with 40 after posting. Hyp preflop-now it is a tight game. Passed to you, 30-20
you are in the cutoff in a tight game, you have a reasonable chance to steal here. But still ditch it.
161 actual game, passed to you, 30-20
all the same, even less chance to steal so fold.
162 you raise, bullyboy calls, sb folds. Dave calls from BB, has 20 left. Hyp flop- Kd-9h-6h, dave bets all in. 150-20
numerous draws, dave is allin could have anything. You probably have eight outs(heart could be tainted) Many possible holdings of dave’s you have extra pair outs(6-x, flush draw, gutshot, or two random high cards not including a king) A raise might force billy out of the pot, then you get a free showdown. Even if you get raised, you have a good draw. Calling is weak, then billy could call with 6 outs.
163 actual flop Kd-9h-6h, dave checks, 130-20
this is a decent flop, you raised pf, so bet.
164 you bet, bullyboy calls, dave calls all-in, hyp turn-Kd-9h-6h-As, assume dave is not all in. dave checks, 190-40
tough situation, you have to decide if you keep firing or not. I would bet one opponent, three definitely check. Two is borderline. But noone has shown any strength, the a is a good scare card. Betting may get someone to fold a nine or a king. If you get one to fold and the other is on a draw, a river bet might steal the pot.
165 actual turn Kd-9h-6h-As, dave is all in, 190-40
strange situation, dave will get to see a showdown no matter what, so if you don’t improve you cant win no matter what. Two reasons to bet in a giver situation- 1, you have the best hand-for value. 2-force players out to improve winning chances. Neither of these apply. You do not have the best hand. Forcing billy out doesn’t improve your chances. No reason to bet, and a check might get you a free look at the river. You have good implied odds since your straight is well-disguised.
166 you check, bullyboy bets, 40 in sidepot, 190-40 in main pot
as planned, you have odds to draw to the straight.
167 river Kd-9h-6h-As-8s, 190-80,
billyboy isnt calling with a worse hand here. So check.
168 you check, billy bets, 190main, 120 side, 40 to you
no chance your feeble pair will hold up vs dave.
171 ten player, 20-40 game. SB with Ac-9c. cutoff is blade runner an untutored natural player- loose preflop, but good postflop. BB is pacman, a soft weak player. Hyp preflop 1- bladerunner is utg and opens with a raise. Passed to you, 70-20
against a tight open-raiser this is a fold, still a fold vs blade too risky.
172 hyp preflop 2- passed to blade, opens with a raise. Button folds, 70-30
now you are likely better than blade, so you should raise to pressure the bb. If you get him out, your equity goes up a lot. You might win on the flop too.
173 actual preflop, passed to blade, he limps, button folds, 50-10
best to raise.
174 you raise, flop 9h-7d-5c, 120-20
good flop for you, but it is dangerous. You are vulnberable to almost anything coming on the turn. Overcard-makes a pair, any card between 9 and 5 could make a straight, trips, or even two pair. Not the time to give a free card so bet out. Check-raising could work too, but bladerunner might not bet since he limped originally. If you check now it will be suspicious.
175 you bet, pacman calls, blade raises. 200-20
The raise isn’t particularly worrying. He would have a worse 9 or a drawing hand such as 8-7 or 7-6. pacman could have called with almost anything, but now you will force him to pay two bets to continue. He will make a mistake by calling.
176 you raise, pacman calls cold, blade caps, 320-20
Bladerunner is showing a lot of strength after you three bet out of position. You are likely behind, but you cant fold getting 16-1.
177 you call, pac calls. Hyp turn 9h-7d-5c-As, 360-40
you need to bet here, since you may have just outdrawn blade, and you don’t want to give a free card. If blade has 9-7, 9-5, or 7-5 you outdrew him, if he has 77,55, or 86 you will get raised and can call with a 4 outer. You don’t want to give pacman a free card when he probably has some feeble drawing hand.
178 actual turn- 9h-7d-5c-2h, 360-40
no reason to bet here.
179 you check, pacman checks, blade bets, 400-40
10-1 odds, you may have 5 outs on a good day, with the any ace or nine, which would justify a call. However these outs might not win for you. You are drawing dead against a straight or a set. And if he has 9-7 or 9-5 you only out is an ace. Also you don’t know what pacman has either.
181- 10 player, 15-30 game. Button with Kd-Jd. This seems to be a good game. Hyp preflop 1- passed to NY who limps, Aces and King limp, folded to you on button. Now you have Qd-10d, 70-15
good position, modest hand. Call, raising is too risky.
182- hyp preflop 2- now you have 5d-5c, 70-15
With three already is, you need to flop a set to win, your getting 5-1, need 7.5-1, but you implied odds are good so call.
183- now you have Kd-Jd, 70-15
good hand to raise, plays well multi-way and is less likely to be dominated here than Qd-10d. only dominated by AK, AJ, or KQ, anyone with these hands would have raised.
184 you raise, blinds both fold, limpers call. Hyp flop Qh-9c-5d, Ny checks, Aces bets, Kind raises, 190-30
shame to fold, but 30 is too much to pay here. You need 7 or 8 outs to justify calling. Only clean out is a 10. it is likely someone has a queen, so jack is useless. Maybe you have an out to the king, but then K-q, J10, or K9 kill you. Even if noone has these cards, they set up redraws to the river. Best to fold.
185- actual flop Qh-9c-5d, ny checks, aces bets, king calls. 175-15
now it is justified to take the initiative in the pot. You probably have at least seven outs. And the passivity of your opponents shoud encourage you. Good time to raise and create the possibility of a free card on the turn.
186- you raise, ny folds, aces and king call. Hyp turn-Qh-9c-5d-2d, checked to you. 235-30
2 is good for you, giving you a lot more outs, unlikely to help anyone else either. You probably have 15 outs, so bet and maintain the initiative.
187- actual turn Qh-9c-5d-6s. both check, 235-30
6 does nothing for you and might have helped you opponent. If anyone has a gutshot between 9 and 5 they have at least a pair. J-8 and 10-8 picked up extra outs with a gutshot. A bet is unlikely to force anyone out, you don’t have the best hand, so take your free card.
188 you check, river Qh-9c-5d-6s-10s, both check. 235-30
191 eight player, 15-30 game. Sb with Qd-Jc. A solid game. Devil is UTG and Rising is BB. Devil limps , passed to you, 40-5.
easy call.
192 you call, rising raises, devil calls, 75-15
193 you call, flop 10d-9c-3c, 90-15
you hit a very decent flop with an open-ended straight draw and two overcards. You don’t know how many outs you have but at least six, maybe 14. Rising could have raised with big cards, if so the flop probably missed him. Put pressure on him with a bet.maybe he will fold overcards. Cr isn’t good because it will build the pot, tying players to their hands. Then you will be forced to draw out to win. If you bet, you keep the size of the pot down, and improve chances of winning without making your hand.
194 you bet, both call. Hyp turn, now rising sun checked from bb instead of raising, flop identical, 10d-9c-3c-7d, 90-30
unfortunately you bet didn’t get anyone out, and turn card is bad. Does nothing for you, might have helped them. Probably no chance of taking down the pot with a bet, so don’t fire. One of them might be waiting to raise you. You can call one bet, but you don’t want to have to call a raise.
195 you check, hyp continued rising bets, devil raises, 180-60
now you can get away from the hand, since you don’t have odds to continue, you would need 12-13 outs. Also an eight will put four to a straight, weakening your implied outs. Also Rising might RR.
196 actual turn is 10d-9c-3c-7d, 135-30
very close call. More money in the pot justifies taking a pop at it. Since rising raised preflop, then just called on the flop, he may have AK or AQ, then the turn couldn’t have helped him. If he hadn’t raised pf then the seven would be more likely to help him.
197 you bet, rising raises, devil reraises, 315-30
if you assume rising will call, you have 345-60, which means you need 6-7 outs which you have so call.
198 you call, rising caps, devil calls. 465-30
199 you call hyp river 10d-9c-3c-7d-Kc, 495-30
they might not bet, since they might think you got the flush. It is not likely that either of them has the flush since they showed so much aggression on the turn. Bet so you can get crying calls.
199.0 actual river 10d-9c-3c-7d-Ks, 495-30
now the king doesn’t look as dangerous to someone with a set or a straight. It is likely someone will bet. So check.
199.1 you check, rising bets, devil calls, 555-30
201, four player, 20-40. Two weak players, fish1, fish2, and slimjim, a strong player. Fish1 ran out of $ and is sitting out. Fish2 just sat out too. Why are you playing slimjim heads up?
you shouldn’t be!!!
202, at this site, sb goes first every round., you are button, have 5c-4c. hyp preflop 1- now your headsup vs fish2. he has never limped once from sb. Raised approx 50% of his hands and folded the others. You have tended to call his raise but have given up when you missed the flop. 60-20
don’t fold, raise to take the initiative, show him he cant just raise with out reraises. So three bet, bet the flop no matter what, you might be able to take it away.
203 hyp2 now back to slimjim, same play as hyp1, he raises, 60-20
no reason to fold, less to be gained by raising, he wont be cowed by your 3 bet. You need to play back eventually, but this isn’t a good hand since it has no showdown power.
204 hyp3 now he has been raising 80% of the time and otherwise folding. He raises 60-20
you cannot let him get away with this. Play back at him now!
205 actual preflop. Slimjim limped from the sb on the last three times. You had 6-2, 9-3, and 7-3 and you limped each time. Now you have 5c-4c, he limps
same principle, use your position.
206 you raise he call., hyp flop Qs-6c-3s, slim bets, you raise, he 3 bets, 180-20
Very close decision, capping vs a weak player would be in order, not so clear vs SlimJim. The point of capping is to keep the initiative, so that if you are drawing and noone connects you can bet him out of the pot. But since he is strong, he is probably aware that your aggressive play might not signify a hand. Still cap though.
207 actual flop, Qs-6c-3s, he checks, 80-20
you have eight outs and you need to keep the initiative here.
208 you bet he raises, 140-20
this is a classic steal flop, he could have nothing but knows you probably missed so he is trying to steal it back. Tell him you have a queen, he might believe you. The reraise also sets up the possibility of taking a free card on the turn., although you might not want it.
209 you raise he calls., turn Qs-6c-3s-8h, 200-40
Don’t take the free card. You might get Cred but you have shown a lot of strength and still have eight outs.
209.0 you bet he calls, hyp river Qs-6c-3s-8h-Qd, what if you had As-Ks, he bets, 320-40
His bet is fishy, it smells like he missed a draw and is hoping you did too. You have the high card nuts so you should call getting 7-1, no point in raising, he will fold anything you beat and call anything that beats you.
209.1 actual river, Qs-6c-3s-8h-Qd, slim bets 320-40
his bet is still fishy, but you cannot win by calling, and you cannot win by folding. Raise quickly but not too quickly. It only has to work 25% to be profitable, only do it against a good player.
211 full ring, 10 player game. Sb with Qc-Qs. Okay game without being great. Players are typically loose and play straightforwardly. BB is shooter, very straightforward, never makes any kind of moves. Cutoff is Vegas, similar to shooter but loose preflop. He can play well and make tough folds. Passed around to lateshift, a typical player, he open-raises, Vegas calls, button folds, 85-30
you likely have the best hand and want more $$ in the pot.
212 you raise, shooter caps, lateshift calls, Vegas calls, 225-15
call, you should be worried about a higher pair and don’t get carried away if the pot comes all rags.
213 flop 10d-9d-4h. 240
You really want to find out where you are and betting out is best for this. Shooter has a big hand, late and Vegas may/may not have connected with the flop. If shooter has AA/KK he will raise since hes straightforward. This will confront the others with a double bet. Check-raising is over the top. checking and waiting to see what happens is ok, but it is better to bet out to find out where you are.
214 you bet, shooter thinks and raises, hyp 1 late 3 bets, Vegas calls. 375-30
your hand is junk, the Qd is tainted, someone has AA or KK, so fold.
215 hyp 2- late folds, Vegas 3 bets. 330-30
You might be beaten, but it isn’t sure. Vegas may be on a draw and it isn’t certain your behind shooter. The pot is too big to give up yet. Capping would be ok if you thought shooter could fold AA or KK but he wont.
216 actual-late folds, Vegas calls. 315-15
Easy call, no reason to raise, since it exposed you to a reraise.
217 you call turn, 10d-9d-4h-Qh, 330-30
there is every chance your hand is now good. The Q wont look very scary to AA or KK so this is a good time to try a CR. The pot is big, Vegas is probably drawing, and it is unlikely shooter will check to give a free card. Betting might be suspicious and he might just call. If he raises, then Vegas will have odds to call with weak hands like 10-j. if your winning and your hand is vulnerable, look for ways to protect it but if you cant then get as much $$ in as possible and hope your hand holds up.
218 you check, shooter bets, Vegas raises instantly, 420-60
he thinks hes ahead, but is he? Only if he made a straight, so he has to have either J-8 or K-J. The former is unlikely since he called two cold preflop and two more when it was capped. K-J is possible but unlikely, K-J would also mean he called two cold on the flop with only a gutshot. He is good enough not to do that. So what could he have that he assumes is winning that he is also happy to call a raise with preflop? 1010, 99. We are ahead of more of his range so we should reraise.
219 you raise, shooter agonizes then calls, Vegas caps. 630-30
hmm maybe he doesa have K-j, but we still have outs and he could play a lower set that way.
219.0 river 10d-9d-4h-Qh-2d, 690-30
Noone is likely to have a flush. If shooter had Ad-Kd, he wouldn’t have agonized over calling the turn, it would be an easy call. It is also unlikely that vegaspro capped the turn with a drawing hand. If you check, Vegas might just check it down. If hes beating you with K-J he might just call anyways being afraid of the flush. A final advantage of betting is shooter may make a crying call.
221a eight player, 20-40 game. BB with 6c-6s. Rabbit a poor player is in MP. Theman an excellent player is the button. Rabbit limps, Theman raises from the button. Sb folds. Hyp- now you have Ac-6h, 90-20
you can assume rabbit will call so its 5.5-1, but all you have is a feeble ace. fold
221b now you have Ac-8c, 90-20
much more playable. Your suited and your kicker has improved. Call, but don’t get carried away if you don’t hit the flop.
221c now you have 9h-9c, 90-20
99 is strong here, It would be good to get rabbit out so you can be headsup. Raising here is much better than calling.
221d now you have 8h-7d, 90-20
dump this one, I would call with more limpers.
222 now you have 6c-6s again, 90-20
call. You will get paid off on a set and if rags flop your 66 might be good.
223 you call, rabbit calls. Hyp flop 8d-6h-6d, now mrfish is the button, 130-20
perfect time to slowplay and check/call, hopefully someone will make a hand on the turn. They might fold if you bet now.
224 actual flop is the same but with theman on the button. 130-20
with an aggressive player at the table a bet is much more likely to build the pot than slowplaying. If you check, rabbit checks and man bets, then if we cr, rabbit might fold.
225 you bet, rabbit calls, man raises. 210-20
as planned, don’t raise, to keep rabbit in. noone probably has a hand yet, but there are draws.
226 you call, rabbit too. Turn is 8d-6h-6d-4d, 250-40
good card for you, might make a flush, anyone with Ad will stay till the river.betting is better than checking just like before.
227 you bet, rabbit calls, man raises. 410-40.
don’t mess around any longer, the pot is big, rabbit is soft and might call two cold even with crap. Someone might even have 88 and give you unlimited action.
228 you raise, rabbit thinks long and calls, man calls. River 8d-6h-6d-4d-Kc, 610-40.
231 eight player 20-40. BB with 10h-8h, Rabbit is in MP. Cyprus, a good player is on button, he plays aggro on flop but backs off on turn and river. Pf rabbit limps, Cyprus raises from the button. 90-20
certainly playable, Cyprus has prime position and is raising a weak player so no reason to put him on an unbeatable hand. He has a wide range.
232 you call, rabbit too. Hyp flop- 10d-8c-6d
233 actual flop 9d-6h-2c, 130-20
ok flop for you, gutshot, overcard, and backdoor flush draw. No reason to think they connected. So either bet or cR. You want players out of the pot. If you bet, rabbit will call with anything, if Cyprus does too, you have achieved nothing. Cyprus might raise too. You will have to call because if you 3-bet, you would be escalating while you only have a modest draw. You will tie them to the pot, and you will have to win at showdown, instead of maybe being able to force them out later. Checking is better because even if Cyprus doesn’t bet, its ok since your drawing. You can CR if he does bet and put pressure on rabbit. By Cring you will be representing a nine. If he only has overcards, Cyprus might fold to a turn bet.
234 you check. Rabbit checks, cyprus bets. 150-20.
as planned, CR.
235 you raise, rabbit folds. Cyprus calls. Hyp turn 1-Turn 9d-6h-2c-5s. 210-40
must bet here. If he has overcards it will be hard to call.
236 hyp turn 2----9d-6h-2c-As, 210-40
horrible card, grit teeth and bet. He might have a low pair or two other high cards so you can steal the pot.
237a hyp turn 2 continued--- you bet, Cyprus raises. With only pot odds
he has aces or better so we need a 7 to win. Need 10-1 odds, and we are getting 8-1.
237b considering implied odds, table position
if we do hit the seven we have good implied odds, we can probably CR the river and gain $80, which would make it 410-40, which is doable. But this doesn’t always work. If we draw out on him, it might put him on tilt a little bit. Metagame considerations for folding the turn to a raise as well.
238 actual turn- 9d-6h-2c-Ah, 210-40
betting is now an easy decision, you have eight more outs, and he might fold.
239 you bet Cyprus raises. 330-40
we have odds to call.
2390 river 9d-6h-2c-Ah-9h, 370-40
the 9 is scary to him since you represented a 9 on the flop, so you need to bet in case he checks behind.
2391 you bet, cyprus raises 490-40
have to call, he can beat trip nines, so your probably behind. But call on pot size.