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Describe ARF. Process? Pathogen? Pathognomic Histology?
Inflammatory response to GAS that elicits immune response and eventually becomes autoimmune. Visualization of Aschoff bodies (fibrinoid necrosis).
What is the treatment for ARF? What value does it preferentially injure?
Penicillin + Anti-inflammatories (ASA)treatment; mitral valve (often Stenosis)
True/False - RF is most often the cause of MS.
What are the common structural changes to the mitral valve in RF? At what point does MS become significant?
calcification, commisure fusion, thickening & shortening of the chordae tendinae. Area is less than 2 cm.
What condition that exists in 2 forms is often a complication in MS?
Pulmonary HTN: passive (PA pressure increase) or reactive (PA vessel thickening)
What PE findings (palpation, murmurs, S1) are apparent in mild mitral stenosis?
RV tap; loud S1; diastolic OS with decresendo murmur;
What EKG findings in MS?
large R in V1 (RV hypertrophy); diphasic P wave (LA dilatation)
True/False - Myxomatous degeneration often causes Mitral Regurgitaion and Prolapse.
Acute MR produces what effect on LA pressure measurements?
prominent v wave (often merges with c wave)
How do chronic MR and acute MR's clinical presentation differ?
acute = pulmonary congestion, dyspnea; chronic = reduced cardiac output i.e. fatigue, weakness
Mitral Valve Prolapse is often asymptomatic. What 2 maneuvers help distinguish the MVP murmur?
Squatting (increase Volume, delay occurrence); Standing (decrease volume earlier occurence)