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Which types of ACS are due to partial occlusion?
Which types of ACS will have myocardial necrosis shown by cardiac marker prescence?
Name 4 of the bodies endogenous anticoagulant agents.
ATIII, Protein C & S, TF Pathway Inhibitor
T lymphocytes secrete (blank) which can make the fibrous cap vulnerable.
gamma interferon
Why does MI often occur in the morning?
Believed because physiologic stressors are elevated at this time of day.
True/False - Cocaine decreases SNS tone causing vasospasm, which can lead to ACS
False - increases SNS tone
What is the earliest histological evidence of myocardial irreversible injury?
Wavy myofibers
True/False - After the initial coagulative necrosis, macrophages clear the necrotic tissue and collagen is deposited to form scar tissue in the heart.
What is the "pain" time course in AMI? Is it alleviated by rest? effect of nitroglycerin?
Pain is usually rapid onsetting and does not wane with rest. Often there is little response to nitroglycerin.
What condition is responisble for many asymptomatic presentations of AMI?
Diabetic neuropathy
What is the effect of reperfusion on CK-MB and cTnI?
Washout effect (rapid earlier rise in both)
True/False - Early invasive approach is most beneficial in patients with high risk features, such as ST elevation, serum biomarkers, or other cardiac RFs.
True/False - Patients who recieve thrombolytic therapy within 3 hours of symptom onset have half the mortality rate of those after 6 hours.
False - within 2 hours
True/False - Ventricular fibrillaiton is largely responsible for episodes of sudden cardiac death during AMI.
What is the treatment of choice for cardiogenic shock?
positive inotropic agents