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Atrial contraction produces an "a wave" in the LA at the end of (blank).
Why does the aortic valve usually close before the pulmonic valve?
Gradient between Aorta and LV is higher than Pulmonic and RV
In the cardiac cycle of the LA, what does the "c wave" stand for?
After the "a wave", the MV closes causing a small rise in pressure ("c wave").
In the cardiac cycle of the LA, passive venous filling is represented by the (blank).
"v wave"
What 3 factors determine the intensity of S1?
distance between leaflets; mobility of the leaflets;
rate of rise of Ventricular pressure
What 2 conditions could enhance the S2 heart sound? diminish?
Systemic or Pulmonary HTN; aortic or pulmonic stenosis
Following S2, mitral or tricuspid stenosis can cause a (blank) diastolic heart sound.
opening snap (the closer to S2 the more severe the stenosis)
Describe low pitched, S4.
Atrium contraction vigorously against a stiffened ventricle.
What is a pericardial knock?
Sound caused by abrupt cessation of ventricular filling in constrictive pericarditis.
How is a murmur generated?
Turbulent blood flow
Ejection type, systolic murmurs are of what shape?
crescendo, decrescendo following short delay due to isovolumic contraction
What does the position of the peak in aortic stenosis caused ejection systolic murmur tell us?
The later in systole, the worse the stenosis
What role does the size of the VSD play in pansystolic murmur intensity?
The smaller the size, the greater the intensity.