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What type of light is UV (Ultraviolet)?
Another name for Ultraviolet light is black light.
What is a filament?
The thin wire that carries the electricity in a light bulb
What is halogen light?
A halogen light is a very bright, incandescent light.
What is fluorescent light?
A fluorescent light is a bright light that does NOT give off heat.
What are the colors of the visible spectrum? What mnemonic device can you use to help remember them?
The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. ROY G. BIV can help you remember the colors of the visible spectrum in order.
What does transparent mean?
Transparent means an object allows all light to pass through it, like clear glass or saran wrap.
What does opaque mean?
Opaque refers to when an object does not allow light to pass through it, like wood.
What does translucent mean?
Translucent is when an object allows some light to pass through it, like stained glass or wax paper.
What is the name for the light that we can see?
The visible spectrum, or white light, is the light that we can see.
What place in the eye produces the image?
The retina produces the image in your eye.
What is reflection?
Reflection is when light is bounced off an item.
Does light reflect at the same angle when bouncing off a plane (flat surface) mirror?
YES, since light travels in STRAIGHT LINES, it will be reflected at the same angle that it hit the mirror.
What is refraction?
Refraction is the bending of light, like when a prism bends white light into a visible spectrum. Another example is when a pencil is in water and it looks bent.