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What is a Concave lens?
A lens that is thicker at the edge
than it is in the middle and that
causes light rays to spread apart.
What is visible light?
Visible light is a form of electromagnetic energy that can be seen.
What is a convex lens?
Convex lens is a lens that thicker
in the middle than at the edges
that brings light rays together.
What is refraction?
Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one material into another.
What is Roy G. Biv?
red, orange;yellow;green; blue ; indigo; violet
What is opaque?
Opaque is not letting light through.
What is translucent?
Translucent is letting light through but scattering it; objects cannot be clearly seen through translucent material.
What is transparent?
Transparent is letting light through; objects can be clearly seen through transparent material.