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What are the components of Lifecycle data management?
• Document management
• Product structure management
• Integration
• Engineering change and configuration management
What interface is used to transfer engineering information to the ERP system?
PLM interface
What is used to manage the product data?
Product structure browser
What method can be used to run a separate system for engineering process in addition to a production system?
Replication of product data
How are external files integrated into mySAP ERP
Document Management system
How are the original documents made available to other objects?
By linking the Document Info Record to them
Document is made up of ____ and ____
Document info record and the originals, which can be in paper, folder or electronic form.
What is the purpose of the document info record? (224)
Helps to manage originals
Controls process flow
Integrates to ECC through object links
Allows viewing of originals
DMS system allows easy way to handle documents
How are original documents made available to other SAP objects
By linking document info records to them
What kinds of systems can be connected to mySAP ERP through PLM?
CADand CAx, GIS, Classification systems and Office apps
What kind of data exchange does the PLM link offer?
What kind of data exchange does the PLM link offer?
Is SAP GUI always used to interact with linked applications T/F?
F. GUI and non-GUI mode are available
Under which mode is the SAP system invisible to the end user in the context of PLM?
When working without GUI
What technology options are used in PLM?
Display and processing of orginals
ECL viewer and Micro. Office intergration
What is the main purpose of Classification?
To enable flexible searching
Explain how searching with the classification system works
• Create characteristics and allowed values
• Create classes and assign characteristics to them
• Create objects and assign classes to objects (also assign characteristic values for this object)
• Search for objects by specifying the class to which it belongs and then specifying the values for the characteristics of the class
How does classification take place?
Directly in the object or indirectly in a transaction within the classification system
What is a configurable material?
A product that can be made in several variants. Configurable material is not a finished product.
What feature is used to select the materials and operations for a specific variant of a configurable material?
What is the central navigation tool in lifecycle data management?
Product structure browser. It allows us to call up information on materials, BOM, documents, characteristics and routings

Filters allows to limit the detail that is displayed.
What component allows the direct viewing of originals in the product structure browser?
Enterprise Application Integration
What is the single tool that can be used to maintain BOMs and routings
Engineering workbench (EWB)
What other advantage does EWB provide?
Locking individual items of BOM rather than the whole BOM. Thus many users can work on different items of the same BOM simultaneously

Also provides information on how to contact other persons who are working on locked items
What are the advantages of using Engineering Change Management (ECM) for making changes?
• Can group related changes for many objects
• Allows documenting and monitoring of changes
• Good tracking of changes as multiple change statuses are allowed
• Can specify effective dates for changes
• Changes can be integrated into the logistics chain through release keys
PLM Interface

CAD, CAx Systems

Geographical Info Systems

Office applications

Classificaiton Systems
Product Structure Browser
Graphical Tool
Why make changes with Engineering Change management ?

Changes that belong together are grouped by change #

Saving multiple changes for an object

Planning and realization of specific effectivity

Monitoring and document changes.

Intergration in logistics process chain
Structure of change number
Reason for change

Task List( routings)

OBJECT MANAGEMENT RECORDS - actual objects to be changed
Engineering Workbench
used as an maintenance environment for product structures and can do more than simply create BOMs and Routings. You can maintain then in EWB
Product Structure Brower
Central navigation tool in LCM

- displays in tree structure objects that belong to each other functionally; BOMS, Doc. Routings, characteristics
Have to have ECR for ECO
What are the components of a change number?
• Change header (general info -- date, validity, status)
• Object types
• Object management records (Actual objects affected)
• Other info (accompanying docs, Classification -- facilitates search for changes, alternate dates for individual objects)
What is the general workflow for engineering changes
• User creates a change record
• User makes changes by creating an ECR (Engineering change request)
• The ECR is converted into an ECO (Engineering change order)
• The actual change takes place once the ECO is checked and released.
1. Your company is implementing the manufacturing execution component in PP. As part of the implementation team, you need to address the master data requirements to run manufacturing execution. Which of the following will be required
a. Material
b. PRT
d. Workcenter
e. Routing
f. BOM