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How might a cave, an ant, and a lake meet the needs of an organism
The cave = a place to live
the ant = food
the lake = water
What is Protien
Large Molocules made up of sub-units called amino acids
What is hemogloben
a protien in red blood cells that attach to oxygen so that oxygen can be delivered throughout the body
what is a carbo (carbohydrates)
a group of compunds made of surgars
what are phospholipids
molecules that form much of the cell membrane
what are lipids
compounds that can not mix with water
what are nucleic acids
compounds made up of sub-units called nucleotides
what is dna
a nucleic acid
what is atp (a cells fuel)
adenosine triphosphate

a den o sine tri phos phate
what are sub-units of protiens?
the sub-units of starches?
the sub-units of dna?
amino acids (make up)
carbohydrates (make up)
nucleic acids (make up)
What do carbohydrates, fats and oils have in common
when broken down, the released energy is trasferred to ATP molecules
Are all proteins enzymnes?

some help protect cells from foreign materials
enzymnes make chemical recations in cells occur quickly
what is a cell
a membrane covered structure that contains all the materials needed for life
what are the 6 characteristics for life
1) have cells
2) sense and respond to change
3) reproduce
4) have dna
5) use energy
6) grow and develope
What are organisims made of
one or more cells
what is homeostasis
maintenance of a stable internal environment
Two ways of reproduction
a-sexual reproduction
sexual reproduction
what is the difference between
a-sexual reproduction
sexual reproduction
a-sexual reproduction is single parent that produces offspring identical to the parent.
Sexual reproduction is where two parents have offspring that shares characterists of both parents.
What is heredity
the passing of characteristics from parent to offspring
what is metabolism
total of an organism's chemical activities
what is a producer
an organism that produces it's own food
what is a decomposer
an organism that breaks down the nutrients in dead organisms and animal wastes.
what is consumer
an organism that eats other organisms for food.
why are most cells 70% water
water is need for metabolism